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Valken Paintball Gear

Valken GFX Paintball Gear!

The Valken GFX line of paintball gear combines all the modern features serious paintball players demand in paintball pants and a paintball harness with matching patterns and rugged, reliable performance! With the GFX line of Valken paintball equipment, paintball players can mix and match or color and pattern-coordinate to create a stylish, clean look on the team or individual level, whether their preferred format of paintball finds them on a turfed airball field, a Hyperball field or in the woods for scenario or competitive woodsball!

Valken Fate GFX 4+3 Paintball Harness

Fate GFX 4+3 Harness

Leading off the Valken GFX line of paintball equipment is the Valken GFX 4+3 paintball harness that offers the ability to carry plenty of pods with rugged construction and an unbeatable price! The Valken GFX 4+3 pack is available in plenty of styles and patterns to suit any player’s preference, and can accommodate as many as seven 140 round paintball pods. Featuring auto-ejectors for the 4 main pod straps for faster reloads and an adjustable comfort belt to create a perfect fit and reduce harness bounce while running, the Fate GFX harness is built to look good and last, with sublimated graphics. Perhaps the best feature of the Valken Fate GFX paintball pack is its price – at $34.95 there’s no better value for the dollar anywhere in paintball! Paintball players on a budget no longer have to settle for cheap paintball gear, or trust their tournament to a used pack they got second-hand, with worn out elastic and a blown out belt, while serious players can gear up with quality paintball equipment at a great price, leaving more money for paintballs and gas!

Valken Fate GFX Paintball Harnesses
Valken Fate GFX Jogger Paintball Pants

Fate GFX Paintball Pants

Coordinating with the full line of Valken GFX packs, the new Valken GFX Jogger Paintball Pants also offer a great mix of modern style, athletic performance and a great price! Extremely lightweight yet built tough to deal with all the sliding, crawling, diving, kneeling and crouching a hard-core paintball player has to go through every time they walk onto the field, Valken GFX jogger paintball pants look good and perform even better! Standard features of the Valken GFX jogger pants include a draw-string waist and elastic cuffs with an athletic, jogger-style cut, ventilation for cool air flow, lightweight but effective padding in the knees and legs, zippered front slash pockets and barrel swab pockets, plus stretch panels to allow unrestricted movement without tearing or rips! Baggy enough to wear over padded protective items like slide shorts and knee/shin pads but protective enough for players to keep cool and even wear without serious padding, these new Valken jogger pants are available in many of the same patterns offered in the Valken GFX pack, allowing a team or individual player to coordinate their gear for a stylish, clean and professional look at an unbeatable price! Light, comfortable, durable and offering all the features of paintball pants costing much more, the new Valken GFX Jogger Paintball Pants combine performance, value and style like no other paintball pants can!

Valken Paintball Pants

The Perfect Pair!

Whether a paintball player competes in tournaments, inside the net on groomed grass or turf, or creeps through the woods playing ten-man or scenario paintball, the Valken GFX line of paintball gear continues to grow, providing the best mix of style, features and value anywhere in the game! Players looking for bright colors to look good on the webcast or in front of the photographers can select items like Green Abstract, or red or blue Digi Tiger camo in GFX pants, then combine them with the same patterns in a Valken Fate 4+3 harness or accent the pants with one of the many other harness styles available like ‘Merica or Graffiti! Meanwhile, woodsball players like ten-man classic paintball competitors or scenario operators can elect to go with the Fate GFX pack and a matching set of Fate Jogger pants in 3D Cube Grey or Olive, for the ultimate combination of style and camouflage coordination!

Coordinate for Style!

With more products available in new colors and styles all the time, the Valken GFX line of affordable, high-performance paintball equipment continues to grow! Players no longer need to settle for cheap paintball gear when quality, affordable paintball equipment is available offering all the performance and features of much more expensive paintball packs, paintball pants and other paintball gear! Players looking for the ultimate mix of style, comfort, performance and price in their paintball equipment have a new go-to: the Valken GFX Line!

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