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Valken Graffiti
Valken Graffiti


Valken Graffiti has become one of the most popular and trusted brands of paintballs in the world thanks to its consistently high level of quality! The best paintballs earn the trust of paintball players by delivering a round, straight-shooting shell that breaks on impact but not in a player’s paintball gun, marking with a splat that is bright and brilliant, and doing it all bag after bag, case after case, weekend after weekend! It is these traits that have come to define Valken Graffiti paintballs – a .68 caliber paintball that players of all kinds of paintball can trust every time they pick up the purple box.

After seasons and years building the trust of paintball players of all skill levels and styles of play, plus scenario event producers and paintball field operators who work hard to deliver the best experience (and paintballs) to their customers, the Valken Graffiti brand has become a family! Now, players shooting .68 caliber paintballs, .50 caliber paintballs and even players at the local “Field Paint Only” field can all enjoy the accuracy, consistency and quality of Valken Graffiti paintballs!

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

68 Caliber Valken Graffiti

This is the ball that started it all! The original and still the best, Valken Graffiti has become a favorite of recreational, scenario and even mag-fed paintball players because every time the box is opened, the same thing is found inside: round, straight-shooting, bright-marking, high quality paintballs. Paintballs that fly straight, break on impact but not in a paintball gun and leave a bright mark just make everything else about paintball so much easier, and that’s Valken Graffiti – your paintball gun will run better, your shots will land on target and you can focus on the important stuff like shooting opponents before they shoot you and having a great time at the paintball field with friends and family! 68 caliber Valken Graffiti paintballs are available in 2000 round cases and from in affordable 500 round boxes ideal for mag-fed or pump players who make every single shot count!

Valken Paintballs
Valken 50 Caliber Graffiti Paintballs

Valken .50 Caliber Graffiti Paintballs

Low impact paintball and .50 caliber paintball have grown massively in recent years and become an ideal platform to introduce new and younger players to the game we love! Now low impact and .50 caliber paintball players can enjoy their game even more with the quality performance of Valken Graffiti .50 caliber paintballs! .50 caliber Valken Graffiti is available in 5000 round cases and even 1250 round boxes that make paintball more fun and more affordable, with less impact on target! Whether playing in the back yard with Valken Gotcha gear, playing with .50 caliber paintball guns or for paintball fields who use .50 caliber paintball guns and equipment to introduce new players to the game, a better paintball makes everything about paintball more enjoyable and now even .50 caliber paintball players can enjoy the accuracy and bright-marking, easy-cleaning fill of Vaken Graffiti!

Valken 50 Caliber Paintball Gear
Valken Graffiti Platinum paintballs

Valken Graffiti Platinum Paintballs

Paintball fields looking to offer the best paintballs and deliver a premium product and a premium experience to their valued customers can now offer the quality, consistency and performance of Valken Graffiti! Valken Graffiti Platinum is a .68 caliber paintball made to the exacting specifications of Graffiti paintballs, but delivered in a custom box with a field-protected shell allowing even “Field Paintballs Only” facilities to offer their valued customers a top quality paintball for a great day of paintball fun! A better paintball at the local field means even the rental paintball guns run better and need less cleanup, the customers are happier and the players looking for a premium paintball for their day in the woods or inside the net can fill their hoppers, pods and their magazines with Valken Graffiti!

Whether playing at the local field on a weekend, battling 24 hours at a scenario game halfway across the country, creeping through the combat zone with a magfed paintball gun, or even playing low-impact paintball at a birthday party, Valken now offers a Graffiti paintball for that! Valken Graffiti shoots straight, breaks on target, marks brightly and cleans up easily, providing a quality and consistency unrivaled in the world of paintball.

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