Top 5 Paintball Guns for Woodsball

The Top 5 Paintball Guns for Woodsball

The game of paintball got its start in the woods, when the first players stepped into the forest in New Hampshire in the early eighties to see who could survive! Since then the game, sport and industry of paintball have evolved and while other styles and types of paintball have brought the game out of the woods, many players still love to play the game where it all began – where the trees are! In modern woodsball, old-school paintball fieldcraft mixes with modern paintball technology to create an amazing time every time players gear up, and making the right choice in a modern woodsball gun will help any player make the shot and win!

Shocker CVO

The Shocker has been a top electronic paintball gun dating back to the days of pro paintball in the woods! The newest Shocker models are lighter, smaller and faster than ever and the CVO takes all that performance and adds takes away the battery, creating a mechanical, single-trigger Shocker model ideal for woodsball! Woodsball is a tough game, with long time limits and big fields that often require players to run, slide, crawl, creep and climb on varied terrain, and a light, small paintball gun like the Shocker CVO makes a day of that MUCH easier! The Shocker’s long list of tournament-style features like a two-piece, ported barrel for quiet accuracy, low-pressure operation for shooting even the most brittle paintballs, a clamping feed neck to hold onto any hopper, an air-through grip with no external hoses to snag or fail and a crisp, short fast single trigger for high rates of fire make the Shocker CVO one of the very best mechanical woodsball paintball guns in the world!

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Eclipse EMek

Planet Eclipse has been making some of the very best paintball guns in the world, used by numerous top paintball players and teams, for years! It makes plenty of sense therefore that Eclipse would create a remarkable, and remarkably affordable, mechanical  paintball gun perfect for woodsball! The impressive Eclipse EMek mechanical paintball gun builds on the successful, reliable and proven Eclipse GAMMA Core drive system that is easy on paint, quiet and simple to maintain and adds plenty of standard features like a clamping feed neck, low pressure operation, no external hoses and a modular outer nylon shell that can be swapped out! Light, durable, reliable, quiet and accurate, the Eclipse EMek is a proven performer perfect for serious woodsball!

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Eclipse EMF100

Not everyone plays their woodsball in the same way. While some players prefer to shoot it out with the latest technology and a hopper full of paintballs, other players prefer the challenge of mag-fed paintball where every single shot counts and teamwork makes the dream work! For serious mag-fed paintball players looking for an edge, Planet Eclipse has thrown their hat into the mag-fed ring with the EMF100. Lightweight thanks to its glass-reinforced nylon composite receiver, the EMF100 features a simple, robust and reliable spool valve drive system that delivers quiet accuracy and consistency in even the most challenging environments, the ability to upgrade in a myriad of directions to suit any playing style or preference and a light trigger pull. Able to be used with either .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds and ready for scopes or sights, the Eclipse EMF100 is a mag-fed paintball gun ideal for serious tactical woodsball players!

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Valken M17

Some woodsball players take their game to the next level with serious tactical magazine-fed loadouts, and for the ideal mix of high-tech performance and magazine-fed tactical authenticity, theres no mag-fed carbine better than the Valken M17! Built around a durable, advanced blow forward firing system that enables consistent semi and fully automatic firing, the Valken M17 paintball gun fires from an 18 round polymer magazine that can feed either .68 caliber round paintballs or First Strike rounds for the ultimate accuracy and range! Efficient, rugged, durable and easily upgraded to suit any player's style or loadout requirement, the Valken M17 is a great woodsball magazine-fed rifle for players ready to lock and load!

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Valken Blackhawk

Not all woodsball equipment has to be expensive! For paintball players looking to get serious about woodsball without breaking the bank, the Valken Blackhawk is a great platform! A light but durable and reliable semi-automatic mechanical paintball gun with no electronics to fail or need batteries, the Valken Blackhawk features a durable, time-tested inline bolt system along with the ability to upgrade the gun with stocks, handguards, foregrips, barrels, sights or scopes to suit any playing style or tactical loadout! Affordable yet rugged, simple and easy to maintain, the Valken Blackhawk makes a great choice for paintball players looking to enjoy the game of woodsball while keeping a few bucks in their wallet for paintballs!

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