Top Airsoft Questions Answered - Part 1

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Top Airsoft Questions Answered - Part 1

Airsoft has grown to become an extremely popular tactical force on force adventure sport pitting two teams of players, armed with airsoft guns, against each other with the purpose of capturing some type of objective and preventing their opponents from doing the same by eliminating them from the game by hitting them with airsoft BB’s fired from airsoft guns! But for players new to airsoft, there’s a lot to learn! In addition to offering a full range of airsoft guns and gear, airsoft BB’s and airsoft CO2 and green gas for sale, along with eye and face protection, camouflage clothing and loadbearing tactical equipment, Valken has all the knowledge a player will need to learn the ropes of airsoft and accomplish their mission!

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What is Airsoft?

Thanks to its rising popularity, many people are aware of the existence and basic concept of airsoft even if they don’t participate, but for many hearing the word “airsoft” for the first time invites the obvious question: what is airsoft? Be careful if you keep reading though, you may want to try it!

So, what is airsoft? Simply speaking, airsoft is a tactical action sport played between two teams of players, each carrying an air or battery-powered airsoft gun that fires small, 6mm airsoft BB’s. All players wear eye and face protection. Depending on the rules of the game being played, each team must capture an objective while attempting to prevent the opposing force from doing the same by eliminating opponents from the game by striking them with airsoft bb’s. When a player is struck by an airsoft BB fired by the opposing team, they raise their hand and leave the game, reload and wait for the next game while their teammates continue the fight. Akin to a safe but adrenalin-pumping live-action video game played by all ages, all colors and all sexes, airsoft has been found to be an extremely enjoyable and safe outdoor activity for players from all walks of life, looking to put down the controller, get off the couch and get into some heart-pumping tactical action. If this sounds like something you might want to do, Valken offers all the necessary airsoft gear and airsoft equipment to get a player started, while many local airsoft facilities even rent equipment for new players to try the game out without too much of a financial outlay!

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What is an airsoft gun?

The first time someone casually hears “airsoft gun” many different things may come to mind. However, for a great number of people first hearing about airsoft, their first and most obvious question is often: what is an airsoft gun? The answer, of course, isn’t a simple one-liner. So let’s dig into it – what is an airsoft gun?

An airsoft gun is a mechanical device, powered by an air source or battery, that makes round 6-millimeter airsoft projectiles colloquially called BB’s, fly towards their target at around 300 feet per second. The most popular types of airsoft guns are AEG’s or Automatic Electric Guns, generally rifle and carbine styles resembling modern military firearms in appearance and handling, that are powered by batteries, and GBB, or Gas BlowBack airsoft pistols that are powered by either 12-gram CO2 cartridges or Green Gas, a pressurized mixture of propane and silicone oil that both propels the BB’s and lubricates internal airsoft gun components. 

As airsoft is a tactical shooting game played between teams of players aiming to eliminate one-another from the game by hitting them with airsoft BB’s fired from their airsoft guns, most airsoft guns are designed to resemble modern tactical and military firearms, and function like them as well. Modern AEG airsoft rifles and carbines often resemble the US military’s M4 range of combat carbines (along with other popular and famous modern weapon designs) with various upgrades or modifications depending on the individual player’s tastes, while popular airsoft pistols are often licensed replicas of modern tactical handguns used by law enforcement and military forces, like the Umarex line of Glock airsoft pistols, the Sig Sauer Pro Force M17 airsoft pistol or the Elite Force 1911 airsoft pistol. 

Affordable, fun and safe to shoot, modern airsoft guns are marvels of technology able to shoot in semi-automatic mode or even fully automatic, for hundreds and even thousands of rounds throughout a day of play at local airsoft battlefields! Marked with orange muzzle tips so they may be quickly distinguished from actual firearms by those not engaged in airsoft activities, airsoft guns may be regulated by local laws so please enjoy airsoft safely and legally!

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How much are airsoft guns?

Airsoft, much like any other game, sport, hobby or obsession, depending on how you feel about it and how much time you devote to it, can be played on a budget or with top-dollar equipment. As a person is introduced to airsoft and their interest grows, inevitably the question arises: How much are airsoft guns? Airsoft operators often spend hundreds and even thousands on their gear loadouts including their airsoft gun, a sidearm, spare magazines, batteries and gas to operate their guns, camo clothing, eye and face protection and sometimes much, much more! The great news is, there’s airsoft gear out there for you no matter how big or small your budget might be, and that includes airsoft guns!

The more direct answer to the question, how much are airsoft guns, is more direct but no less a positive one – airsoft guns range from as little as ten dollars for spring-operated airsoft pistols to hundreds of dollars or more for high-end, gas operated or electric rifles or airsoft carbines. A good quality airsoft gun capable of offering weekend after weekend of good, solid performance for airsoft games at the local field can be had for less than $200, like the Valken ASL Mod-M or Valken ASL Kilo45 airsoft rifles! Airsoft pistols range anywhere from barely $10 for the Monster Squad 1911 spring pistol all the way to $150 for a gas blowback Glock airsoft pistol! Bottom line? You can spend hundreds and even thousands for your airsoft guns and have an amazing time shooting it out with your friends, but you can also have fun shooting it out with your friends playing airsoft for much less! So, choose the best airsoft gun for your budget and go have some tactical fun!

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