Top Airsoft Questions, Answered Part 2

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Top Airsoft Questions, Answered: PART II

Airsoft has grown to become an extremely popular tactical force on force adventure sport pitting two teams of players, armed with airsoft guns, against each other with the purpose of capturing some type of objective and preventing their opponents from doing the same by eliminating them from the game by hitting them with airsoft BB’s fired from airsoft guns! But for players new to airsoft, there’s so much to learn! In addition to offering a full range of airsoft rifles and pistols, airsoft BB’s and airsoft CO2 and green gas for sale, along with eye and face protection, camouflage clothing and loadbearing tactical equipment, Valken has all the knowledge a player will need to learn the ropes of airsoft and accomplish their mission! Welcome back for Part 2 of the Top Airsoft Questions, ANSWERED!

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Air Airsoft Guns Safe?

One of the most important questions any parent of a young airsoft enthusiast might ask, or anyone hearing about airsoft for the first time might wonder about is: Are airsoft guns safe? And like any serious question with all kinds of ramifications, there’s a short answer and a longer one too.

The short answer to the important question – “are airsoft guns safe?” is yes! Airsoft guns are safe. Airsoft guns fire small, 6mm airsoft bb’s – many of which are biodegradable – at around 300 feet per second. Some may shoot a little faster, and some a little slower, but this speed, combined with the type of projectile being fired means that when wearing proper clothing like a longsleeve shirt or jacket and of course, eye and face protection approved for airsoft use, airsoft guns are extremely safe and the sport can be played without fear of pain or injury of any kind, especially when played at professionally-operated airsoft parks and playing fields.

Short answer out of the way, there’s a much more important and in-depth answer to the question of “are airsoft guns safe?” That answer is that an airsoft gun is as safe as the person with their hands on it. Airsoft guns are not toys. They use CO2, green gas or electric battery power to fire bb’s and in most cases they are almost identical in appearance to real firearms. When used properly and responsibly, airsoft is a safe game to play and airsoft guns are safe. But they should always be handled properly, always be treated as if it is loaded, never taken out or transported in public where they may cause alarm or panic, and never pointed at anyone that isn’t actively involved in an airsoft game. Orange markings, where required, should always be left on airsoft guns to help non-players more easily identify an airsoft gun as such, and when traveling with or transporting an airsoft gun, it should always be in a gun case, gun bag or other gear bag or case that will both protect the airsoft gun and prevent someone from seeing it and becoming alarmed or concerned. The positive reputation and image of airsoft and airsoft equipment like airsoft guns is the responsibility of each and every person who owns an airsoft gun and every airsoft player.

Airsoft green gas

What is Green Gas Airsoft?

When first diving into the culture and gear of the world of airsoft, many questions can come to mind and it can be downright overwhelming! AEG, batteries, BB’s, CO2, velocity, green gas, it can all be a lot to take in! One of the most obvious questions for someone new to airsoft is this whole airsoft green gas thing. What is airsoft green gas? People ask all the time and people frequently google what is green gas airsoft?

Put simply, airsoft green gas is a propellant used to provide the power some airsoft pistols use to send each airsoft BB downrange after the trigger is pulled, and then re-cock to shoot again. Green gas is a safe mixture of propane and silicone oil, generally bought and sold in cans, that is inserted into the magazine of a gas blowback airsoft pistol. Once the green gas can is used to top off the airsoft pistol’s magazine and BB’s are loaded, the magazine is inserted into the airsoft pistol and the shooting can start! The airsoft green gas will provide the propellant pressure necessary to send a BB downrange each time the trigger is pulled, and in the case of many airsoft pistols, blow back the slide of the airsoft pistol in a manner similar to that of an actual firearm’s slide when it is fired. The silicone oil present in the green gas propellant even lubricates internal components of the airsoft gun to help keep things running smoothly! A simple, reliable and affordable propellant power source, airsoft green gas is a great choice for making airsoft pistols go bang!

do airsoft guns hurt?

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

One of the most common questions that comes up when the topic of airsoft is mentioned is: do airsoft guns hurt? And while airsoft guns are designed to send a 6mm airsoft BB (or a whole bunch of them) downrange at 300 feet per second or more, that doesn’t mean pain has to be a part of the game!

 Dressing properly and using the right equipment is the best way to answer “no” to the question, do airsoft guns hurt? The obvious protection should always be worn while playing airsoft, meaning certified goggles for the eyes and some form of mask or covering like an airsoft mesh mask to protect the nose and mouth. Many airsoft operators even choose to wear lightweight tactical helmets to cover the head while shooting it out on the airsoft field. As for clothing, a longsleeve shirt or jacket is the choice for most airsoft players, who add loadbearing equipment like a vest or plate carrier for transporting spare magazines and tactical equipment, which also serves to add extra protection to the chest. Gloves are also a great idea, because nobody likes taking airsoft BB’s to the knuckles or the back of the hands, and long pants and boots are the most common and best protection for the lower body. Some players even add elbow pads, forearm pads and knee pads to the mix, as much to make crawling, diving and moving around in urban environments easier as to guard against incoming airsoft BB’s.

What does it all mean? Do airsoft guns hurt? They don’t have to! Wear the right clothing, protect the sensitive areas and bare skin with clothing, padding and protection, and get out there for some tactical, live-action shootouts at the airsoft field!

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