Top Five Paintball Guns for Speedball

The Top 5 Speedball Guns!

The modern game of tournament speedball is an intense, adrenalin-packed competition sport demanding athletic prowess from its competitors and the utmost reliability, accuracy, efficiency and speed from their paintball guns! With big money on the line in a game where every shot counts, players need the best equipment to play at their best and win! Making the right choice for a tournament paintball gun can mean the difference between going home early or hoisting a gold trophy!

Eclipse CS2

Planet Eclipse continues their proud tradition of making some of the very best tournament electronic paintball guns in the world! Used by several top professional paintball teams and dozens of divisional and regional teams around the world, Planet Eclipse paintball guns are trusted by serious players who need reliable, fast, accurate paintball guns that are well-made and easy to maintain. Widely considered the best of the best, and used by many winning teams, the Eclipse CS2 delivers world class performance!

Built around the simple yet efficient and reliable GP core that can shoot even the most brittle tournament paintballs and deliver consistency shot after shot even in challenging weather, the Eclipse CS2 paintball gun is built from aluminum and is packed with features like an air through grip with no external air lines, an adjustable clamping feed neck, anti-chop eyes, a multi-piece Shaft barrel kit, an adjustable double trigger and tool-free maintenance and battery swaps! Speaking of batteries, the CS2 runs on 2 AA batteries easily inserted into the gun’s foregrip. Electronic adjustments are easily made via the buttons and screen at the rear of the grip frame, and air is effortlessly switched on and off with the bottle adapter at the bottom of the grip frame.

Used by top-level pro teams like Edmonton Impact, San Antonio X-Factor, Baltimore Revo, Infamous and New York Xtreme in the National XBall League professional paintball tournament series, the Eclipse CS2 is a fast, accurate, reliable, durable and innovative tournament paintball gun that’s a proven winner!

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Eclipse LV 1.6

Before the spool valve was refined to become the system of choice for top teams in the world of tournament paintball, many top players and teams chose light, simple and incredibly fast stacked-tube, poppet valve tournament paintball guns to do their shooting. Many top teams did their winning with this type of paintball gun, including models like the Intimidator, Impulse and, later, the wildly successful Eclipse Ego! While Eclipse has moved forward with the evolution of their paintball guns with models like the CS2 and GTek 170R, many players still desire a top-level poppet valve paintball gun, and Eclipse delivers with the remarkably advanced, feature-packed LV 1.6!

Refined through years of evolution, the Eclipse LV 1.6 is a light, attractive machine with impressive ergonomics. Standard with a multi-piece barrel kit, adjustable clamping feed neck, on/off bottle adapter, a full-featured suite of electronics, an adjustable blade double trigger and anti-chop eyes, the LV is cut from durable aluminum and offers sleek lines. Quiet, accurate and efficient, the LV 1.6 is certain to start popping up on tournament paintball fields worldwide in the hands of players who respect the heritage of the system yet demand the very latest technology!

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Luxe X

Years ago, the Luxe was released and it shocked the world of tournament paintball with its mix of sleek simplicity, features and performance! And it talked. In its latest, refined form, the Luxe X tournament paintball gun is used by many top teams who demand the very best performance from their paintball gun every time they step inside the net.

Used by top teams like Houston Heat, Damage and Aftermath, the Luxe X is a sleek, attractive spool-valve paintball gun operating at a low pressure. No external air lines and a robust suite easily adjustable electronics head up a list of standard features that include an adjustable low-rise clamping feed neck, a standard multi-piece, ported Freak barrel kit, tool-free disassembly for maintenance, anti-chop eyes, an on/off bottle adapter, an adjustable blade double trigger and a rechargeable battery!

A quiet, accurate, lightweight, low-pressure, time-tested tournament winning machine that also happens to look amazing, the Luxe X is a top performer chosen by champion paintball athletes who walk onto the field expecting to win!

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Eclipse GTek 170R

Just because several top tournament paintball teams shoot the Planet Eclipse CS2 or LV 1.6 doesn’t mean there aren't more affordable options available! Eclipse has created one of the most successful and popular mid-level tournament paintball guns that can punch with the best of them in the recently-released GTek 170R! Packed with features and delivering performance well above its price range, the Eclipse GTek 170R puts world-class performance, reliability, looks and ease-of-maintenance within reach of any serious player!

Light and attractive, the Eclipse GTek 170R is a sleek machine delivering an impressive list of standard features! Out of the box, the 170R offers a easily-maintained, low pressure Gamma core drive system that can be removed without tools, an air-through grip frame with no external air hoses, anti-chop eyes, a clamping feed neck that will work with any hopper, an aluminum two-piece, ported barrel that’s light and accurate, a simple bottle adapter, easily-used electronics and a snappy and adjustable blade double trigger! Simply put, for its price the GTek 170R is packed with features usually found on much more expensive paintball guns!

If tournament-level performance and looks are what you require in a paintball gun and competition is where you plan to use it, an Eclipse GTek 170R is an amazing choice that will leave plenty of room in the budget for paintballs to feed it!

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Field 1 Force

When a legendary professional paintball team, in-fact the most successful tournament paintball team in history, needs a new paintball gun they won't pick up just anything. They know what it means to win and how to do it, and what tools they need for the job. So when Dynasty walked onto the paintball field with a new paintball gun, the Field 1 Force, the world took notice. 

The evolution of Bob Long's storied history of creating blindingly fast and arrow-accurate paintball guns capable of winning at the very highest levels of the game, the Field 1 Force looks good and shoots even better. Packed with features like the Field 1 Acculock multi-piece barrel kit, a clamping feed neck, adjustable fore-grip, sleek bottle adapter with no external hoses or air lines and quick disassembly for maintenance, the Field 1 Force paintball gun checks off all the boxes for serious competitive paintball - if it's good enough for Team Dynasty to play their professional paintball it can help anyone make shots and hang flags.

Use the Force! Valken now carries the complete line of Field 1 Force paintball guns and the impressive new Acculock barrel kit. 

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Paintball Guns for Speedball!

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