Top GelBlaster Questions ANSWERED!

Gelblaster Frequently Asked Questions

Gel Blaster Questions - ANSWERED!

Valken Answers Gelblaster Frequently Asked Questions!

The Gel Blaster phenomenon is taking over the world with its mix of clean, safe, affordable FUN! But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to understand for someone who’s new to the concept. Just like any new craze or new game, there are plenty Gelblaster Frequently Asked Questions out there as businesses and parents attempt to understand the concept and the equipment! Whether it’s something as simple as What is a Gelblaster to the gelly ball ammo used in them, Valken doesn’t just supply Gelblaster products, we’re happy to answer the questions too! If you’re interested in Gelblaster but aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at or want to learn more, join us for a round of Top Gelblaster Questions – ANSWERED!

Question: Is Gelblaster Safe for Kids?

ANSWER: Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of their children, especially when it comes to new games and toys and that means the question “Is gel blaster safe for kids?” is a popular one! The answer is yes, GelBlaster IS safe for kids! But don’t take our word for it, here are some facts! Every Gelblaster Surge gelly ball gun shoots at an extremely low velocity at just above 100 feet per second – much slower than an airsoft gun or paintball gun – and every GelBlaster Surge is packaged with safety glasses. However, most birthday party rental companies and paintball fields that provide GelBlaster games provide all players with paintball goggles like our Valken Gotcha MI-3 goggles that completely cover and protect the eyes, ears, face and forehead, and even feature an over-the-head goggle strap for use with younger players, meaning everyone of all ages is perfectly safe while playing GelBlaster games! Because Gel Blasters shoot at less than a third the velocity of paintball or airsoft guns and shoot simple, water-based gelly ammo, Gelblaster is safe for adults and kids of almost all ages!

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Question: How long does it take to grow Gelblaster Ammo?

ANSWER: The ammo used in gelly ball guns and Gelblasters is simple, eco-friendly water-based beads that burst on-impact. They don’t stain, they’re non-toxic so they’re absolutely safe, and they’re incredibly affordable – all big reasons why GelBlaster has taken off so rapidly! But how do you grow gel blaster ammo and how long does it take to grow GelBlaster ammo? Growing Gelblaster Gellets is extremely simple – just add water! But once you’ve dumped your gelly ammo into a bucket of water, how long should you leave them? While most Gelblaster ammo will fully hydrate and grow to the proper usable size in a couple of hours, Valken recommends most recreational gelblaster players grow their ammo overnight to ensure they’re fully hydrated and ready to use! A one-gallon bucket of water is enough for growing a small, 10,000 round packet of Gellets and don’t worry – you can’t over-hydrate your gelly ball ammo. Once your gelblaster Gellets are fully hydrated, strain off the excess water, load up your GelBlaster Surge blasters and have fun!

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Question: How do I charge my Gelblaster Surge?

Answer: One of the big questions asked about the blasters used to enjoy Gelblaster games like the best Gelblaster, the Gelblaster Surge, is how is it powered? Don’t worry, parents, you won’t buy the kids Gelblasters and be stuck buying AA batteries until you’ve depleted the college fund! Gelblaster Surge blasters are powered by safe, internal lithium rechargeable batteries! However, this begs another question: how do I charge a Gelblaster Surge? Each and every Gelblaster Surge gelly ball gun is packaged with a USB charging cable in the box! Simply plug the USB charging cable into a USB outlet and plug the other end into the GelBlaster Surge charging port on the underside of the pistol grip and allow the Surge blaster to charge for around an hour! This charge will allow for 4-5 full hours of semi or fully automatic Gel Blaster fun before a recharge is needed! Simply plug the GelBlaster Surge into its included charging cable like your cell phone and before long you’ll be blasting!

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Question: What makes the Gelblaster Surge the best Gel blaster?

Answer: No matter what you’re buying, the question is always important one – am I buying the right product? Gelblaster is no different, so everyone wants to know: What is the best Gelblaster? Valken believes the Gelblaster Surge is the best Gelblaster available and has all the answers right here at your fingertips (thumbs if you’re scrolling on your phone) to answer your questions about which gelly ball gun is the best! The Gelblaster Surge blaster is built to last and stand up to frequent use, whether you’re a business looking to provide party fun or a parent ready for some back yard gel blasting with the kids after school or on the weekends! The GelBlaster Surge is designed and built to blast tens of thousands of rounds without failing or falling apart unlike other, flimsier gelly ball guns on the market. High tech features provided with the Gelblaster Surge push the quality of this gelly ball gun even higher above the rest, including interchangeable finds and barrel tips allowing players and teams to customize their blaster, and new barrels are even available that allow for adjustable velocity, allowing adults or younger players to enjoy the game their way! The Gelblaster Surge even features adjustable firing modes, including a semi-automatic mode that blasts a single gellet per trigger pull, or a fully automatic mode allowing players to hold the trigger down and blast gelly balls at over eight shots per second! Safety glasses are included with each and every Surge Gel Blaster, along with a pack of gellets and a USB-C recharging cable to keep the blaster blasting for hours! Reliable, affordable and customizable, the GelBlaster Surge is a great product at a great price!

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