Top Ten Must-Haves for Airsoft Beginners!

Must Have Airsoft Gear for Beginners

Beginner Airsoft Gear!

Airsoft is an amazing game filled with high-tech gear and a tactical adrenalin rush like nothing else in the world! But all that airsoft gear and the terminology associated with airsoft equipment can be confusing to anyone new to airsoft and that can leave new players asking: what gear do I need to start playing airsoft? Not only does Valken have all the best airsoft gear a new player will ever need, but we’re happy to help everyone new to airsoft find the airsoft equipment they need to load up, hit the field and accomplish their mission!

Airsoft Goggles

Airsoft Goggles

Safe airsoft eye protection is the most important thing an airsoft shooter will ever own! Airsoft goggles like Valken Zulu Thermal airsoft goggles or Valken Tango airsoft goggles will provide safe, reliable, fog-free airsoft eye protection and ensure that airsoft safety comes first every time airsoft BB’s are in the air!

Airsoft Mesh Masks

Airsoft Face Protection

Airsoft safety doesn’t end with a good, safe pair of airsoft goggles! Consider how you want to protect your face, including the mouth, cheeks, nose and even your ears during airsoft action with options like a Valken Kilo airsoft mesh mask, the Tango airsoft mesh mask or the Valken Zulu mesh mask that will keep the face safe from incoming airsoft BB’s without restricting air flow or communication!

Valken Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Gun

Once your eyes and face are safe, it’s time to consider your airsoft gun! Most players will start their airsoft adventure with an AEG, an electric airsoft rifle powered by a rechargeable battery, like the new Valken ASL Echo AEG or the ASL Mod-M airsoft gun. They’re fully automatic, easy to use and affordable! The Valken ASL line of affordable airsoft guns are some of the best airsoft guns in the game and offer lightweight, reliable performance!

Valken Airsoft Battery

Airsoft Battery

Most electric airsoft guns do not come with an airsoft battery, so if you choose an AEG airsoft gun you’ll need to choose a rechargeable battery to go with it! Valken offers a full range of airsoft batteries and makes it easy to pick which one you need! Valken airsoft batteries are safe, reliable and easy to charge and install, providing plenty of power for all kinds of electric airsoft guns!

Valken Airsoft Battery Charger

Airsoft Battery Charger

Once you’ve picked your airsoft gun and an airsoft battery to power it, you’ll need an airsoft battery charger! Valken’s airsoft battery chargers like our Smart Chargers are safe and reliable to get you powered-up and ready for action!


Valken Airsoft Gear


Valken Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BB's

With your airsoft battery charged up and installed in your airsoft gun, it’s time to lock and load with airsoft BB’s! Valken offers all the biodegradable airsoft BB’s and non-biodegradable airsoft BB’s you’ll ever need to load your magazines! Airsoft BB’s vary in weight so be sure to consult Valken airsoft blogs to educate yourself to which airsoft BB’s will work best with your airsoft gun! Valken’s affordable airsoft BB’s provide reliable performance at great prices!

Valken Airsoft Magazines

Spare Airsoft Magazines

Speaking of magazines, most airsoft guns only come with one spare mag and you’ll need more than that if you want to accomplish your mission! Consider buying a few spare airsoft magazines for your airsoft gun so you don’t run out of ammo in the heat of battle! Valken airsoft magazines are available in various capacities like hi-cap airsoft magazines that hold hundreds of airsoft BB’s and are even available in multi-packs to get any shooter geared up!

Valken Airsoft Plate Carrier

Loadbearing Vest / Plate Carrier

With your airsoft BB’s loaded into your airsoft magazines, you’ll need a way to carry your spare ammo onto the field with you! Consider a vest or tactical system like the Valken Alpha Plate Carrier or a tactical vest so you can build a loadout ideal for you! Consider what you need to carry onto the airsoft field now, like spare airsoft magazines, and what you might want or need in the future as your airsoft loadout grows, like a radio, airsoft pistol holster, pouch for a hydration system and a dump pouch to catch all those empty airsoft magazines as you drop them!

Valken Airsoft Gloves

Airsoft Gloves

Whether you’re crawling around in the woods or creeping through an indoor airsoft CQB battlefield, you’ll want to protect your hands and keep a firm grip on your airsoft gun with a good set of airsoft gloves from Valken like our Alpha or Bravo gloves! Valken airsoft gloves are comfortable, offer protection from incoming airsoft BB’s and are available to suit any budget!

Valken Airsoft Shirt

Airsoft Camo 

It’s ok if you play airsoft for the first time in old clothes like jeans and a t-shirt, but when it’s time to get serious about airsoft, you’ll want rugged, comfortable airsoft pants and a tactical airsoft combat shirt like camo gear from Valken! Valken camo clothing like airsoft pants and combat shirts provide comfort, are tought and built to last game after game, and offer plenty of pockets for airsoft gear and more!

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