Traveling with Paintball Gear

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Traveling with Paintball Gear

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Traveling with paintball equipment isn’t difficult, but if you’re not careful you may get a nasty surprise when you open your gear bag once you’ve arrived at your destination! From people in public who may not know your paintball equipment is actually paintball gear to long car rides, airport security and baggage handling, it’s important to travel with paintball equipment carefully to keep everything intact and avoid trouble on the road! Let Valken help you get your gear where you’re going so you can focus on the game!

The basics of traveling with paintball gear, whether it’s across town to the local paintball field or across the country to compete, are pretty simple. Not everyone knows what paintball gear is or what a paintball gun looks like, so don’t be carrying or waving your paintball gear around in public or driving around with it in plain view in a car where it could be mistaken for something else, or easily stolen! Don’t leave full paintball air tanks in the car where temperatures can rise rapidly, and drain those tanks before you head to the airport! In most cases, the regulators will need to be removed from paintball air tanks before taking them to the airport as well. Keeping paintball guns in cases or paintball gun bags, paintball equipment in paintball gear bags and protecting that paintball gear from dings, dents, crushing and scratches with paintball gear cases are all great ideas that only need to protect the gear once to pay for themselves!

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Paintball Gear Bags

Anyone who’s compiled a nice collection of paintball gear knows you need a pile of stuff to get through a day of serious paintball! From the paintball gun, air tank, hopper, goggles and pants to cleats, tools, gloves, a jersey, a barrel kit and about a dozen other must-have pieces of paintball equipment, paintball is a game packed with gear and if you don’t have a great paintball gear bag to carry and store it all, you’ll need twenty trips just to get it from the house to the car! Paintball gear bags are designed by paintball companies that know all this, and have created gear bags able to conveniently carry, protect and store it all! Paintball gear bags like those from Planet Eclipse or HK Army are designed to hold paintball guns, goggles, and all that other gear in protected compartments and make it easy to travel with it all, thanks to rugged rolling wheels, heavy duty zippers, strong grab handles and even backpack shoulder straps when the going gets too tough to roll! No serious paintball player should be without a great paintball gear bag for transporting all that gear in a safe, organized manner!

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Paintball Gear Cases

While keeping gear safe, organized and easy to travel with is both important and easy thanks to great paintball gear bags, sometimes the gear inside that gear bag can still be vulnerable! Think about how much you paid for your paintball air tank, your paintball loader and your paintball goggles! There can be hundreds and even thousands of dollars invested in those items, beyond whatever you paid for that high speed, low drag paintball gun. When paintball gear gets to banging around inside a gear bag, or that gear bag gets tossed into a rental car or into an airplane cargo hold, scratches, dings, dents, crushing and other damage can occur! Protect your valuable, and vulnerable, paintball equipment while traveling by using gear cases like Valken Paintball Gear Cases, designed to keep items like a paintball goggle, air tank or paintball hopper safe from crushing, dents and dings, while also keeping items like goggle lenses, tank o-rings and batteries for the hopper organized!

Paintball Gear Bags!
Eclipse Paintball Gun Bag

Paintball Gun Cases

Not every paintball gun comes in a nice, hard case and even if they do, sometimes the upgrades and mods we all love doing to our paintball guns makes them no longer fit in the factory box or case. It’s already been said but bears repeating – walking around in public with a paintball gun, especially a tactical, mag-fed carbine with a scope, is a bad idea for a lot of reasons we don’t have to list. That’s when a paintball gun case like those available from Eclipse, HK or other popular brand come in handy! Take the barrel off and drop your paintball gun into a case designed to hold it and barrel halves and inserts, and protect that high-dollar investment from dents and scratches inside the gear bag, not to mention protecting you from people who might not have any idea what you’re walking around with!

Valken Gun Bag

Paintball Gun Bags

For paintball players who prefer tactical, mag-fed paintball and the equipment that goes along with it, a regular, small paintball gun case or gun bag isn’t going to cut it. Barrels are longer, actions are longer and many mag-fed and tactical paintball guns use shoulder stocks or integrated stocks with air tanks! That’s where Valken’s line of paintball gun bags comes in! Available in one and two-gun models with plenty of mag and tool pouches in various colors and lengths to accommodate just about any paintball gun or tactical carbine, traveling with a tactical, mag-fed paintball gun is much safer and easier with a padded paintball gun bag from Valken, plus it’s an ideal way to store the paintball gun away from prying eyes, dust and anything or anyone else that might want to mess with it! So if you’re moving around out in the world somewhere that people who don’t play paintball might be, bag that paintball gun for their safety and yours – and the paintball gun’s!

Paintball Gear Cases

Travel Safe & Have Fun!

Traveling with paintball gear is safe and easy when it’s done right, and with the right paintball gear bag, paintball gear cases and paintball gun bag. It’s when players don’t follow these simple rules that paintball gear gets damaged, paintball air tanks get confiscated at the airport or worse- people get frightened and things break bad. Don’t let that gear be yours and don’t let that person be you! Travel safe with your paintball gear and have fun!

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