Upgrading the GelBlaster Surge

Gelblaster Surge Upgrades

Upgrade Your GelBlaster Surge!

Valken Makes the Amazing GelBlaster SURGE Even More Fun!

Anyone who has picked up a Gelblaster Surge and blasted a stream or two of Gellets knows how much fun the Gelblaster game can be! From the back yard to the local paintball field and just about anywhere safe in-between, the GelBlaster Surge is a rechargeable, fully automatic fun blaster that gets the kids off the couch and away from the television and lets mom, dad and the whole family have fun together with practically no cleanup and no pain or sting from impact, and do it all at an unbelievably low price! Now, Valken offers upgrades and accessories for the GelBlaster Surge blaster that take this already amazing machine to a new level! Upgrade your GelBlaster Surge with Valken!

GelBlaster Surge Upgrades

Reload Faster with A New GelBlaster Hopper & Pods!

While the GelBlaster Surge is delivered with a perfectly functional Grenade hopper that threads into the top of the blaster and holds around 800 gellets, running out of ammo mid-game makes reloading a little complicated, as the Gelblaster Grenade hopper has to be unscrewed from its adapter, a replacement loaded with gellets found, the cap removed, and then the full hopper threaded in without spilling the gellets! This doesn’t sound complicated until you try it while running around in the middle of a game while other people are trying to blast you with gellets! Valken has made reloading the GelBlaster Surge and getting back into the game with fresh Gel Ammo faster and easier thanks to their replacement Valken GB Feed Neck! This simple replacement feed neck slips onto the top of the Gel Blaster Surge in place of of the standard elbow, and allows the Valken GB Gotcha Hopper to be added. This small, simple, affordable paintball hopper offers massive capacity – hundreds of Gellets – while making reloading simple thanks to its flip lid! Best of all, Valken even offers pods and pod packs that hold hundreds more Gellets or other Gel ammo, allowing players to blast for hours and reloading in mere seconds without worrying about replacement grenade hoppers! So get out there, get blasting and keep blastings with the Valken GB Surge Feed Neck, Valken GB Gotcha Hopper and a pack and pods!

GelBlaster Surge Upgrades!



Glow in the Dark GelBlaster FUN!

Looking for the ultimate rush for Halloween haunts, zombie blasts, indoor laser-style games or just want to keep the GelBlaster fun going after the sun goes down? Valken has the answer with GLOW HD gel ammo, the Valken KILO tracer unit and the Valken GB Surge Tracer adapter! Adding the Valken GB Surge Tracer Adapter to the muzzle of a GelBlaster Surge blaster only takes a few seconds, requiring the user to simply remove the GelBlaster Surge fins, then pull the colored muzzle tip off, and replace it with the tracer adapter. Replacing the Surge fins will lock the tracer adapter onto the muzzle once they snap together! Once this is completed, all that is left is to thread a fully-charged Valken KILO tracer unit into the muzzle adapter and turn it on, and when Valken GLOW HD glow-in-the-dark gel ammo is fired through it, each round will be activated and glow like a laser as it blasts towards its target! Now, Gelblaster players can light up the night and take their Gel Blaster games to an amazing new level!

Glow in the Dark GelBlaster Fun!






Upgrade Your GelBlaster with VALKEN!

The GelBlaster Surge, and the games that can be played using it, are an incredible amount of safe, clean, environmentally-friendly family FUN! Valken Gelblaster accessories and upgrades like the Valken GB Surge Feed Neck and GB Gotcha flip-lid hopper, Valken GB Pods and pod packs, the KILO tracer unit, Surge tracer unit adapter and Valken GLOW HD gel ammo add new dimensions of fun to this amazing product that players of all ages are certain to enjoy!

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