Valentine's Day Airsoft Gifts

Airsoft Gifts for Valentine's Day

Top Airsoft Valentine's Day Gifts!

It’s not easy loving someone who loves airsoft – we know! But the good news is, Valken loves airsoft and we’re here to make it a little easier on everyone this Valentine’s Day! Shopping for an airsoft lover is tough around any holiday, especially if you don’t play the game and you’re trying to find a useful, meaningful airsoft Valentine’s Day gift. So we’ll make you a deal: you go grab a bag of those little heart candies that say “Be Mine” and “Go Away” (we couldn’t remember what else they say) and maybe some flowers and we’ll run down some great, affordable and thoughtful Valentine’s Day airsoft gifts the airsoft operator in your life is sure to love!

Valken Airsoft BBs

Valken Airsoft BB's

If there’s absolutely positively one thing that is required to enjoy airsoft, it’s airsoft BB’s. After all, it’s a LOT more fun to play a game where you’re being shot at when you can shoot back! So whether your Valentine is new to airsoft or an hard core operator, you just can’t miss by giving a gift of airsoft BB’s! Valken offers both standard airsoft BB’s and biodegradable airsoft BB’s for the environmentally conscious shooter, or for use at airsoft parks and fields that require them! So grab a bottle of Valken airsoft BB’s and watch them smile!

Valke Airsoft Green Gas

Valken Airsoft Green Gas

Sometimes it’s OK to have gas. For example, when it’s Valken airsoft green gas. Airsoft green gas is a safe mixture of propane and silicone oil that some airsoft pistols use as a propellant and power source. It’s offered in cans that an airsoft shooter uses to gas up an airsoft gun before the shooting starts, and many serious airsoft shooters have an airsoft pistol that uses airsoft green gas, so it’s something that’s almost always needed! Valken offers airsoft green gas in single cans, multi-can packages and even by the case!

Valken Morale Patches

Valken Morale Patches

We get it. Sometimes it’s tough to talk about your feelings. Even on Valentine’s Day that can be a challenge for some people, but that’s what airsoft operators have Morale patches for! Sometimes what you can’t just come out and say, you can slap on a hook & loop panel on your tactical shirt or jacket and anyone that comes by, will know exactly what’s up. Valken offers a wide variety of high-quality, unique and creative Morale patches ideal for any shooter to express all kinds of opinions, show off their region or let everyone know how they handle their business when the BB’s start flying, and they’re idea for airsoft gear, gear bags or gun bags with patch panels!

Valken Circle Beanie

Valken Circle Beanie

It’s cold out around Valentine’s Day in most places, so staying warm whether you’re on the airsoft field hunting bad guys or out for dinner, or working or whatever you might be doing when it’s chilly, is always a good thing! For the airsoft shooter on your Valentine’s Day list, consider a warm, soft Valken beanie! Dark and clean enough for wearing out and about, but also ideal as a layer of protection for cold-weather airsoft play, not to mention for keeping warm when the temperature drops, a Valken Circle Beanie is a great gift for an airsoft operator who happens to be your Valentine!

Valken Skull Mesh Mask

Valken Kilo Skull Mesh Mask

When it comes to making an airsoft Valentine happy, there’s not much better than helping them look aggressive and mean on the airsoft field, and the Valken Kilo Skull mesh mask does just that. An essential piece of airsoft safety equipment, a comfortable mesh mask allows unrestricted air flow while playing, meaning the wearer can be safe from incoming airsoft BB’s while still breathing easily! Then there’s the skull – the part that makes you look mean as heck to people you’re about to send back to the staging area during an airsoft game.

Valken Airsoft Goggles

Valken Zulu Airsoft Goggles

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to airsoft. That means all airsoft players wear some form of authorized, tested eye protection while they’re playing, and Valken offers numerous options! For an airsoft Valentine, the gift of clear, safe, fog-free vision might be a great idea and if that sounds as good to you as it does to us, Valken thermal, fog-free Zulu airsoft goggles might be the airsoft Valentine’s gift you’re looking for!

Valken Airsoft Plate Carrier

Valken Plate Carrier

As a tactical game pitting two teams of airsoft shooters against one-another to see who can dominate the field, airsoft players carry a lot of gear onto the battlefield. From airsoft rifles and pistols to spare magazines for reloads, radios for communication and much more, airsoft players are always looking for comfortable, versatile ways to carry the load, and a Valken Plate Carrier is just that! Adjustable, modular and comfortable, not to mention adding a layer of protection from incoming airsoft BB’s, a Valken plate carrier makes a great Valentine’s airsoft give your Valentine is sure to love!

Valken ATH Tactical Helmet

Valken ATH Tactical Helmet

Airsoft is a game dominated by the latest and greatest gear, and as a game of tactical operations, airsoft players are regularly looking for the best and latest new equipment to help them make the shot, dodge incoming rounds and win! Valken’s new ATH tactical helmets are a lightweight, comfortable, sharp-looking piece of headwear that not only looks good, but offers comfortable protection from incoming rounds while looking the authentic, tactical part. Looking tough and tactical for Valentine’s Day? That sounds good to us!

Valken Airsoft Pistol

Valken AP92 Airsoft Pistol

Broken down to brass tacks, airsoft is an intense action game dominated by pew pew pew! That means a Valentine’s day airsoft gift that actually GOES pew might make a great gift! The Valken AP92 airsoft pistol is both attractive and versatile, as it operates using CO2 power, but can be quickly and easily converted to shoot using airsoft green gas by simply swapping the magazine! So if a versatile, rugged and accurate airsoft sidearm sounds like an ideal gift for your Valentine, look no further than the Valken AP92 airsoft pistol!

Valken Airsoft Gun

Valken Hi-Velocity Mod-L AEG

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, and if you really and truly love your Valentine, show it in a big way with a new Valken airsoft rifle! The Valken Hi-Velocity Mod-L AEG airsoft rifle might be affordable, but don’t confuse that with a cheap airsoft gun! The Hi-Velocity Mod-L delivers authentic M4-style military carbine look and handling, along with plenty of sight and accessory rails that your Valentine can use to mount scopes, sights, grips and other accessories, and that Hi-Velocity part means you can really reach out and touch someone, either in semi-automatic or full auto rock and roll! Give the gift of airsoft to your Valentine this year with the Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Mod-L!

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