Valentine's Day Paintball Gifts!

15 Valentine’s Day Paintball Gifts for the Paintball Lover in Your Life!

We get it. You’re still paying off the credit cards and recovering from Christmas and here comes another holiday where you’re expected to spend money on the person you love! And you’d better if you know what’s good for you! But don’t worry – if there’s a paintball lover in your life, Valken’s done all the leg work and compiled Valentine’s Day paintball gifts for the one you love, who loves paintball! We’ll leave the roses and chocolates to you.

Valken Tango Paintballs

Valken TANGO Paintballs

When it comes to paintball, there’s not much better to give for a gift than, well, paintballs! There are never really enough of them when you need them and whether they’re used for playing paintball, tuning testing or target shooting, you can absolutely bet they’ll be appreciated! Best of all when it comes to giving the gift of paintballs for Valentine’s Day, Valken offers affordable, high quality paintballs in quantities that won’t break the bank, like Valken Tango .68 caliber paintballs in a 500 round box! Give the Valentine’s day gift of paintballs this season with Valken Tango paintballs!

Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover

Exalt Bayonet Barrel Cover

Valentine’s day is always a good time to consider a little extra protection! You can’t be too careful, and the gift of safety at Valentine’s Day can be given with a little touch of fun, with a choice from the line of Exalt Bayonet paintball barrel covers! Easy to clean and securing safely to a paintball gun with a lanyard, these colorful paintball barrel covers keep everyone safe when the goggles come off, look good and make a great Valentine’s Day paintball gift!

Valken Circle Beanie

Valken Circle Beanie

In most places we know of, it’s COLD during Valentine’s Day! So give a little warmth on or off the paintball field this Valentine’s Day with a Valken Circle Beanie! Comfortable, stylish and ideal for capping off an outfit during the cold winter months, or as an essential piece of headgear on the paintball field along with goggles and a headband, the Valken Circle Beanie is an affordable way to give the gift of paintball style this Valentine’s Day!

Valken Circle Hoodie

Valken Circle Hoodie

We put that Valken circle logo on all kinds of stuff and a lot of it is useful for keeping warm and comfortable! Another great example is the Valken Circle Hoodie; a comfortable full-zip grey hoodie perfect for casual wear outside, as an added layer, or for comfortable days around the house. The gift of warm and comfy is absolutely a good one for Valentine’s Day and the Valken Circle hoodie’s got it!

Valken T-Shirt

Valken Circle T-Shirt

We’re not done with the Valken Circle yet! It may not exactly be t-shirt weather in most places celebrating Valentine’s Day right now, but for a comfortable layer, a casual day on the couch or for wearing under a paintball jersey, the soft, comfortable Valken Circle T-shirt is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day paintball gift!

Valken Tech-T

Valken Tech-T

Great news – we’ve moved on from the Valken Circle. We aren’t quite done with soft or comfortable yet, though so stick with us here. When it comes to paintball, a lot of time is spent outside and while it might not be hot and humid for most around Valentine’s Day, trust us when we say most paintball players will wind up outside when it’s hot and humid. That’s when a Valken Tech-T, which is soft and comfortable, will make its greatest impact as a lightweight, cool Valentine’s Day gift! Valken offers plenty of patterns, colors and sizes to suit any style and there isn’t much more comfortable around than the Valken Tech-T!

Valken Ball Hauler

Valken Ball Hauler

The logistics of hauling, storing and pouring paintballs are always a challenge, so any gift that helps address that will certainly be appreciated this Valentine’s Day! A Valken Ball Hauler holds a thousand paintballs and allows a paintball player to much more easily fill a hopper or paintball pods without spilling valuable paintballs on the ground. Simple, affordable and extremely useful, a Valken Ball Hauler might be just the thing for a Valentine’s Day paintball gift!

Valken Phantom Backpack

Valken Phantom Backpack

The Valken Phantom backpack is a sleek, attractive and feature-packed bag that’s ideal for anything from paintball to school, work the gym or traveling, and it’s definitely a Valentine’s Day paintball gift that will keep on giving! With pouches and pockets for everything a paintball player on the go might need from a laptop to a water bottle and all kinds of accessories, the Valken Phantom Backpack is as useful away from the paintball world as it might be within it, and any paintball player would certainly love one as a Valentine’s Day gift this year!

Valken Gun Bag

Valken ZULU Gun Bag

Whether used for a tactical paintball gun, mag-fed paintball gun, an airsoft rifle or something with a little more “real steel,” the Valken Zulu gun bag makes a great gift for anyone into shooting sports this Valentine’s Day! Well-padded and featuring plenty of storage for magazines and accessories, this gun bag features a full panel of MOLLE attachments for additional pockets and pouches, plus it’s ready for morale patches! So whether it’s for a magazine-fed paintball gun, an airsoft gun or something heavy duty, the Valken Zulu gun bag is a great Valentine’s Day gift for a paintball player!

Valken Pods

Valken Flick Lid Pods

Much like paintballs, most paintball players could absolutely, positively use a few more pods! Used to carry extra paintballs for reloading on and off the field, pods often get dropped, thrown, loaned out or just disappear (everyone knows a guy), so more pods are always appreciated by paintball players at every level of the game! A handful of affordable, colorful, high-quality Valken Flick-Lid pods, available in 100 round or 140 round sizes, are a great gift for a paintball player especially as the paintball season is rapidly approaching!

Valken Gloves

Valken Bravo Gloves

Some paintball players wear gloves because getting hit in the knuckles or back of the hand with a paintball is no fun at all. Others wear gloves because with all the dirt, mud and paint, keeping a tight handle on their paintball gun can be tough. Still others wear paintball gloves because sliding, diving and crawling on various types of terrain without gloves can be anywhere from annoying to downright painful. Then, finally, there are the paintball players who usually don’t wear gloves, but reconsider when it gets cold out and the fingertips start to get a little numb. No matter which column your particular paintball player might fall into, giving the gift of gloves this Valentine’s Day is easy and affordable thanks to Valken Bravo full-fingered paintball gloves!

Valken Alpha4 Harness

Valken Alpha 4 Harness

The new year has come and the new paintball season is just around the corner! Most paintball players who are serious about the game are tough on their paintball gear, so why make the serious paintball player in your life start the new season with that raggedy, worn out old paintball harness or pack, especially when a new Valken Alpha 4 paintball harness is available in a wide variety of colors at a ridiculously low price! Comfortable, full-featured and able to carry four 140 round paintball pods securely for speedball or serious recreational paintball play, a new, comfortable, clean paintball pack could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the paintball player you love!

Smoked Dye i5 Goggles

Smoke Dye i5 Goggles

They may be a pricey item, but one of the hottest new pieces of paintball gear in the world is the sleek looking, feature-packed, pro-level Smoked i5 paintball goggle from Dye! The Dye i5 is a proven platform for complete paintball eye and face protection that offers a sheet of performance features and innovations a mile long, plus a unique, unmistakable style, especially in this new, smoke color! Thermal so they won’t fog, with a comfortable, adjustable strap, soft facemask and a look like nothing else in the game, the smoked Dye i5 paintball goggle system is the ultimate in paintball facemasks and a great choice for a Valentine’s Day paintball gift any player will love!

Push Base Goggle

Push Base Goggles

One of the most popular high-end goggles in paintball come from Push and it’s no surprise, considering their unique look, adjustable fit, numerous color combinations and fog-free performance that’s been proven at the pro level by top teams! A great way to get into Push paintball goggles at a more affordable price is the Push Base Goggle, and this goggle might be the perfect gift for a serious paintball player in your life! Comfortable, stylish and still offering almost all the features for which Push paintball goggles are famous, the Push Base brings it all to the table at a price many more paintball players can live with, and as a Valentine’s Day paintball present, they’re a great choice!

Valken Paintball Goggles

Valken Profit Goggles

Looking for a comfortable, feature-packed set of paintball goggles for a Valentine’s Day paintball gift that will leave enough money on the card for a nice dinner to celebrate the day? The Valken Profit SC paintball goggle offers thermal, fog-free performance, soft, comfortable face foam, a snap-click lens that’s easy to replace or remove for cleaning, a soft facemask and comfortable earpieces, all at a price that’s much less than most other paintball goggles offering a similar set of features. If it’s time to upgrade the goggles of the paintball player in your life, nothing says “love” like “I don’t want you to walk into a tree because your goggles fogged.”

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