Valken Airsoft Rifle Rundown!

Valken ASL AEG Airsoft Gun Rundown!

From in-your-face firepower for CQB engagements to long-range capability to dominate the battlefield, the Valken ASL line of AEG airsoft guns offers something for everyone! Whether an airsoft operator runs their gun indoors in close range combat or creeps through the trees low and slow to knock opponents down at distance, a Valken ASL AEG airsoft rifle or carbine can help anyone accomplish their mission!

Valken ASL+ Sierra AEG Airsoft Gun

ASL+ Sierra AEG

The ultimate CQB weapon from Valken, the ASL+ Sierra is loaded with features in a compact package ideal for up close and persona airsoft battles! Perfect for close quarters engagements or play in tight spaces often found in indoor airsoft arenas, the ASL+ features a short barrel with a mock suppressor, a multi-position collapsing stock, a free-floating handguard with plenty of rails for foregrips, lights or lasers and is standard with flip up sights on a sight rail begging for a red dot or holographic sight for quick target acquisition. The ASL+ mag release is ambidextrous and a 280 round Hi-cap SMG-style magazine is included with the gun. Standard with 22:1 metal gears, a rotary style hop-up, a pro-match trigger and semi and full-auto firing modes, the ASL+ is a powerful airsoft weapon for serious in-your-face engagements.

Valken ASL+ Kilo45 AEG

ASL+ Kilo 45 AEG

Looking for a submachine gun/PDW style with rifle features and rifle handling to provide a one-two punch of close quarters capability with medium range punch? Look no further than the ASL+ Kilo 45! This high-tech AEG airsoft gun is fed from a standard 280 round hi-cap SMG-style magazine but features an adjustable M4-style stock and a 9-inch MLOK rail over the 280mm barrel. Firing modes like semi auto and fully automatic are selectable via an ambidextrous switch and the pro-match trigger is crisp. 22:1 ratio metal gears are standard along with flip-up high-vis sights and all the accessory and sight rails a serious operator could ever fill up with foregrips, lights, lasers, sights or scopes! An amazing “do it all” AEG airsoft gun that combines features for close quarters combat with the ability to reach out and touch targets at longer ranges, the ASL+ Kilo45 is a great choice to carry into battle!

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Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Whiskey AEG

ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey AEG

When it’s time for serious battle you need a serious airsoft gun able to bang with the big boys. The Valken ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey AEG is just such a weapon, standard with a pro-match trigger, 22:1 metal gears, a quick-change spring system, an ambi fire selector to switch from well-aimed single shots to rock and roll, a long barrel with a 13 inch MLok accessory rail handguard and 6 position M4-style stock. Ready to shoot at 375fps, the Hi-Velocity Whiskey airsoft gun is standard with flip-up sights but the long sight rail of this rifle is just begging for a variable zoom scope letting you handle business and send the opposition packing at long range. Serious airsoft combat requires serious tools and the ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey AEG is the ideal weapon to carry into the combat zone and make your presence known!

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Valken ASL AEG Mod M


Airsoft operators in search of a true “do it all” airsoft rifle at an amazing price need look no further than the Valken ASL Mod-M AEG airsoft gun. This true jack of all trades electric airsoft rifle packs form, function and features into a workhorse package at a price that can’t be beat, including ambidextrous fire controls, a 6-position M4 style shoulder stock, flip-up high-vis sights, a 9-inch quad rail for mounting anything from foregrips to lights and lasers, 18:1 metal gears, a 300 round M4-style magazine, adjustable hopup, a threaded barrel and a barrel short enough for close quarter battle yet long enough to make accurate shots at range. Simple and affordable yet ready for real battle, the Valken ASL Mod-M airsoft gun is ideal for shooters new to the world of airsoft or any airsoft player in search of a solid airsoft rifle at an excellent price!

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Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Mod-L AEG

ASL Hi-Velocity Mod-L AEG

Squad designated marksmen or players looking to make those long-range shots but retain the ability to flip a switch into rock and roll mode and wade into the heat of battle – your airsoft gun has arrived. The Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Mod-L offers a host of standard features for long-range, high-velocity airsoft combat at a price nobody can beat. Standard with a long barrel and adjustable hop-up, and shooting at 375fps with .20g bb’s, the ASL Mod-L features flip-up high-vis sights but is an ideal candidate for a variable zoom scope allowing players to zero in and drop targets at distance, while the 9-inch quad rail allows for the mounting of everything from lights and lasers to fore-grips and more. The Mod-L’s mag release and fire controls are ambidextrous, and an M4-style crane stock is standard, as is a hi-cap 300 round M4-style magazine. At the Mod-L’s price, shooters will be able to gear up with plenty of money left over for the batteries, scope, spare magazines and BB’s they’ll need to dominate the battlefield!

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Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Tango AEG

ASL Hi-Velocity Tango AEG

Modern combat carbines and lightweight rifles have the ability to do many things well on the battlefield, from in-your-face combat at close quarters to dominating engagements at mid-range with well-aimed single shots. There’s no reason serious airsoft operators shouldn’t expect the same from their weapon of choice, and the Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Tango is a perfect example. Form and function come together to create a powerful airsoft weapon in the Hi-Velocity Tango airsoft rifle, including a sharp futuristic AR-style look with a 12.5inch MLOK handguard with plenty of mounting points for accessories, flip-up sights, ambidextrous fire selector controls and mag release, a rotary hop-up and a hi-cap M4 style magazine! A full-featured, hi-velocity, do-it-all airsoft rifle, the Valken ASL Hi-Velocity Tango AEG is ready for combat at a great price!

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Valken ASL Kilo AEG Airsoft Gun


A light, compact M4-style airsoft carbine, the Valken ASL Kilo AEG airsoft gun offers the full range of features and performance in a compact package ideal for CQB! The Valken ASL Kilo airsoft rifle includes a 255mm barrel with an MLok handguard with plenty of accessory mounting rails, flip up sights on the flat top receiver ready for a red dot or scope, a collapsible, adjustable AR-style stock and ambidextrous fire controls and magazine release. Running fully automatic or semi-automatic and offering an adjustable hop-up, the ASL Kilo offers full-size performance in a compact package at a great price!

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Valken ASL TRG AEG airsoft gun


With a futuristic look and a long list of standard features at a price that’s tough to beat, the Valken ASL TRG AEG can handle any battlefield! Featuring a 6 position M4 style stock and a long, 12.5 inch Keymod handguard able to mount just about any accessory a shooter might ever need, from lights and foregrips to lasers, the TRG offers flip-up sights but the flat top is ready for a red dot sight or scope. Ambidextrous controls allow the shooter to quickly drop a mag or shift from safe, through semi to fully automatic with either hand, and the rifle is standard with adjustable hop-up. For a sleek, updated look with performance to match, the Valken ASL TRG AEG is a tough gun to beat!

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