Valken Attack Jogger Paintball Pants Review

Valken Attack Paintball Pants


Valken Combines the Popular Jogger Cut and Style with a Full-Featured Paintball Pant Design!

Paintball fashion trends are dangerous – they come and go pretty regularly and companies that design and manufacture paintball clothing run the risk of winding up with a pallet of dusty boxes filled with unsold merchandise if they swing and miss. However, one paintball clothing trend that seems to have stuck is the jogger pant.

Paintball pants have been through more than a few evolutions over the years since such a thing came into existence – when paintball first started with a handful of people in the woods, a sturdy pair of jeans or a pair of ripstop Woodland BDU pants from the local Army surplus store were all the paintball pants anyone needed. Not long after it was pajama-style pants from companies like Renegade and then heavy-duty JT denim cargo pants, with pops of style coming from companies like JT and even Raven along the way. Then things got baggy. Whether it was Empire pants like those worn by the Oakland Assassins or the JT pants Dynasty wore to fill up a trophy case, big pants with big pads were all over the place. Padding, pockets, belt loops, squeegee pockets and all sorts of other features were things paintball people expected from their paintball pants. Thank God someone looked around a few years ago and realized they should put some ventilation in those things.

Now things have come around again and less has become more. The paintball jogger pant era has arrived, and companies are taking a minimalist approach. It makes sense from an athletic standpoint: paintball as a competitive sport is fast-paced and aggressive with bursts of moment, lots of kneeling, bending, crawling, diving and sliding, so why weigh a paintball athlete down with a hot, bulky, heavy pair of paintball pants? Rather, paintball jogger pants feature a more athletic, slim cut with elastic ankles, often a drawstring waist, a couple of pockets and little, if any, padding. It all adds up to less being more – paintball jogger pants are more comfortable, lighter, cooler and you don’t walk all over the back of the cuffs in your cleats if you’re a short guy like me. I drank milk my whole childhood and the best I could do was five foot eight.

Valken Attack Paintball Pants

While they may certainly be the latest trend in paintball pants and they’re definitely popular with just about every pant-making company in paintball on the bandwagon, jogger pants aren’t perfect, and they aren’t for everyone. Players in a woodsball environment or those playing scenario and tactical paintball spend more time crawling, kneeling and generally beating their paintball pants up and some joggers may not be up to it. Players in cooler climates may want a little heavier paintball pant, and refs would probably love a paintball pant that offers some padding. The new Valken Attack Jogger paintball pants impressively blend the classic paintball pant – with its padding, pockets and rugged construction, with an athletic jogger cut to create an impressive hybrid paintball pant as much at home on a rugged woodsball field as they are inside the net at a paintball tournament on turf!

Offering the slimmer, athletic cut of paintball jogger pants, Valken Attack Jogger pants also bring a full array of padding and standard features to the game. Light but effective padding is present at the knees and groin over the fly, while ventilation allows air flow to keep warm air moving out and cool air moving in. Stretch panels keep the pants from splitting and tearing while players go through the motions of running, diving, sliding, crawling, twisting, bending and kneeling on the field, and while the pants do feature a tapered, slimmer athletic cut, they still offer plenty of room and don’t bind or constrain the wearer. The elastic ankle cuffs are there, true to jogger form, but the pants do offer the zipper, buttons, belt loops and adjustment tabs of a more full-featured paintball pant. The front slash pockets are fairly deep and swab pockets are present at both legs. While clearly more substantial than a basic, minimalistic jogger, Valken Attack paintball pants remain lightweight and don’t feel heavy or cumbersome.

The combination of cut and features offered by the Valken Attack pants creates a pair of paintball pants that are at home and capable in almost any style or format of paintball. Sliding on turf, playing competitively for the big money? The athletic cut and ventilation will be a big help while the padded knees and sturdy build mean these pants should last the season without winding up shredded – if you’re wearing slider shorts underneath resize and adjust with the waist adjusting tabs. Playing a ten-man mechanical tournament on a hyberball field or in the woods? Kneel, crawl and crouch comfortably in these pants – use a belt to keep them up if necessary, especially with all that extra paint players will stuff into their packs. Players in a recreational or scenario environment will appreciate the padding in the knees and groin, the ventilation will help keep a player comfortable and cool while roaming the field for hours at a time, the pockets are perfect for field maps, mission cards or player ID cards and the elastic cuffs, even if worn with boots or hiking shoes, will help keep anything creepy-crawly in the woods where it belongs.

Lightweight yet durable, full-featured while remaining athletic, comfortable and attractive, Valken Attack paintball pants may be the perfect blend of the modern paintball jogger pant trend with all the features a serious paintball player wants from their next pair of paintball pants. 

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