Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Review

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Review

The Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

Affordable, reliable paintball gun FIREPOWER!

Paintball players looking to get the most out of every dollar while still enjoying the game we all love demand a quality, reliable paintball gun that also happens to be affordable! However, some paintball guns that don’t cost too much wind up letting players down, because a cheap paintball gun can’t always provide the combination of features, performance, price and trustworthy reliability that players on a budget need to enjoy a great day at the paintball field! Valken has solved this problem with the rugged Valken Blackhawk paintball gun – a reliable paintball gun that offers plenty of features, a proven design and weekend after weekend of trustworthy, affordable performance!

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

Simple, Reliable Quality

The Valken Blackhawk offers an affordable mix of proven, time-tested performance, plenty of features and various paths for players to upgrade from the basic paintball gun once it’s out of the box. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t hold its own fresh out of the package! The Valken Blackhawk semi-automatic paintball gun is standard with a bottom-line air bottle adapter to keep the player’s air tank securely in the shoulder while providing a comfortable, clear sight picture. Speaking of paintball air tanks, the Blackhawk paintball gun can function with either CO2 or a paintball compressed air tank, giving the player the best choice of affordable versatility depending on what air sources are available locally! Air is transferred from the bottle adapter to the paintball gun’s valve via a durable steel-braided air line, and a vertical fore-grip is provided. Open sights are standard on the Blackhawk paintball gun as well, but the standard picatinny sight rail along the top of the paintball gun receiver allows a paintball player to mount any scope or sight they desire!

Affordable Paintball Guns
Valken Blackhawk paint gun

Plenty of Features!

The features of the Valken Blackhawk don’t stop there, however! The Blackhawk includes a removable, clamping hopper adapter that will securely hold onto almost any paintball hopper or loader, while preserving the shooter’s ability to sight down the top of the paintball gun and barrel. That barrel, by the way, is an aluminum model with A5 threads, meaning there are plenty of aftermarket paintball gun barrels readily available that will allow a Valken Blackhawk owner to quickly and easily upgrade for tighter shot groups at longer ranges if they desire! Finally, the rugged Valken Blackhawk derives its reliable yet fast semi-automatic action from a time-tested and proven inline blowback operating system that requires no batteries to fire shot after shot as fast as the player using it can pull the trigger. This system requires very little cleaning and maintenance to keep right on firing shot after shot, game after game, weekend after weekend!

Blackhawk Upgrades


Valken Paintball Gear

Upgrades & Accessories!

Valken offers plenty of Valken Blackhawk upgrades for players who wish to take their new paintball gun to the next level of looks and performance! Valken offers a longer Valken Blackhawk barrel that provides a quieter shot and greater accuracy at long range, along with the Valken Whiskey, Foxtrot and Tango Valken Blackhawk Upgrade Kits, that include a barrel, various types of barrel shroud and a M4-style adjustable stock to transform the Valken Blackhawk from a simple, affordable paintball gun into a mil-sim tactical paintball gun that looks great and performs reliably! Other Valken upgrades include various scopes and paintball red dot sights that quickly and easily mount to the Blackhawk’s sight rail, and upgraded loaders like the Valken V-Lite hopper and V-Max+ paintball loader that will provide higher rates of fire while helping to eliminate broken and chopped paintballs! Finally, Valken also offers plenty of options for paintball air tanks for the Blackhawk, from simple and affordable 20oz paintball CO2 tanks to affordable yet consistent and reliable paintball compressed air tanks like the Valken V2.0 48 cubic inch, 3000psi model that will provide hundreds of consistent, full-power shots in practically any weather or climate!

Affordable Paintball Gear!

Built for Battle & Tested TOUGH!

Getting the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun game-ready is as simple and affordable as the Blackhawk itself! Requiring only a paintball air tank and a hopper, plus a few paintballs and a good, safe paintball-approved goggle system to be ready to hit the field, a paintball player who chooses the Valken Blackhawk to carry into battle will do so with plenty of cash in their pocket leftover for paintballs and a snack at the field! Most paintball players in the current game will select a paintball compressed air tank for their Blackhawk, like the Valken 48/3000psi paintball air tank as it provides several hundred consistent, full-power shots and remains affordable, though some even more cost-conscious players may opt for a 20 ounce paintball CO2 tank, as the Blackhawk will run just fine on CO2 propellant. For the money, the best paintball hopper for the Valken Blackhawk is the Valken V-Lite hopper as it offers 200 round capacity but is better equipped to prevent feed jams allowing the player to shoot faster and more consistently without misfeeds, chopped paintballs or the requirement to stop and shake their paintball gun like so many other new players. Finally, a safe and comfortable paintball facemask like the Valken MI-7 rounds out an affordable, reliable, safe and high-quality paintball equipment setup perfect for anything from back yard games to recreational paintball at the local field!

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