Valken Laser-Cut Plate Carrier Review

Valken Laser Cut Plate Carrier

The Valken Laser-Cut Plate Carrier

Compact. Lightweight. Efficient. 

Right off the bat, I have to say this plate carrier has quickly turned out to be one of my favorite vests to date. As a female player who is on the smaller side, it can be very difficult to find a vest or plate carrier that fits correctly and comfortably. That being said, the Valken Laser-Cut Plate Carrier is not only highly adjustable to ensure a correct fit, but is also extremely light, padded, and flexible to maximize comfort for the wearer. There are plenty of other amazing features as well, so lets get into the details.

First off, the plate carrier only weighs a mere 1.5 pounds which literally feels like nothing when worn without any attachments. Even without attached mag pouches, the vest is still highly effective, since it features three integrated M4 mag pouches and three integrated pistol mag pouches. The M4 mag pouches can be used with or without the attached bungee cords. I personally prefer to run it without the bungee cords and the M4 mag pouches still hold the mags in perfectly fine. Even with all the running and crawling I do, I have never had a problem with mags falling out or even slipping. Technically, the vest can stay as is right out of the box, remain lightweight, and still carry a decent amount of magazines.

However, if you choose to add pouches to further customize your vest, the laser-cut Molle design is perfect for attaching any pouches tightly and securely. On my old standard Molle vest, after adding and removing pouches over and over again, the Molle points would become stretched out and loose. On the other hand, the laser-cut always stays tight because of its improved design and has much superior durability in my experience. The laser-cut points on the Valken vest are also included on the shoulder straps to maximize customization space for small pouches, grenades, radios, or cable management.

In terms of adjustability, the Valken vest does very well. It has two straps with quick release buckles on each side that have a pretty significant range of adjustment. They can be tightened to fit someone as small as myself or loosened to fit basically anyone else. The shoulder straps also feature velcro adjustments that are covered with a nifty elastic shrouds to secure and cover the velcro area of the shoulder straps. The shrouds are also really great because they both include two velcro loops for either cable management, an HPA line, or a hydration tube. I personally use mine for cable management when I want to connect the comms and fans in my mask to the battery pack and radio on my attached backpack. Nevertheless, basically everyone on the Valken team wears this vest and despite being all different shapes and sizes, the vest always fits great.

The plate carrier also features nice sized velcro panel on the front for any name tapes, morale, or team patches you might want to add to give your vest that individual flair. All and all, this is a versatile plate carrier at an amazing price. Its compact, lightweight, laser-cut design makes it an all around great vest. Also, like I have said above, I would highly recommend this vest for smaller female players who are looking for a secure and comfortable plate carrier that isn’t too over-sized. As a side note, in addition to black, the plate carrier also comes in olive and tan to meet all your loadout needs. So check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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