Valken Paintball Gear Cases!

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New Valken Paintball Gear Cases!

Protect Your High Dollar Paintball Equipment with Valken Cases!

It comes as no surprise that cheap paintball gear generally doesn’t do a very good job of helping competitors WIN! It comes as even less of a surprise that high quality paintball equipment isn’t cheap, either! So when a serious paintball player invests in high quality paintball equipment that’s designed to elevate their game, like a set of high-quality paintball goggles that is comfortable and won’t fog, a tournament paintball loader that feeds fast without jamming, and a paintball compressed air tank to keep their paintball gun shooting fast and consistent, they need to be protected! Let Valken help you protect your high-dollar paintball gear investments with some of our newest products, Valken Gear Cases! New Valken Gear Cases protect paintball equipment like goggles, loaders and air tanks from crushing, scratches, scrapes, dents and dings that might occur during transport back and forth from the paintball field and major events to ensure it’s ready to hit the field and perform at its best!

Valken Paintball Goggle Case

Valken Goggle Case

One of the most important pieces of paintball gear a player will ever own is their paintball goggles. Designed to keep a paintball player safe at all times when the paint is flying and provide clear vision so a player can see the environment around them, a high-quality paintball goggle that doesn’t fog and provides comfortable protection for the eyes, ears, face and forehead is absolutely critical to winning paintball games. A high-end paintball goggle comes with a matching high-dollar price tag, and the delicate components like the lens, soft facemask, and soft ears are extremely susceptible to crushing, twisting and scratches in a player’s gear bag, especially for players who travel to tournaments and other major paintball events! The Valken Goggle Case is an ideal method of traveling with paintball goggles that ensures they’re in perfect condition and ready for action! A rigid, zipper case with a soft interior compartment designed to keep the goggle within safe from crushing, scratches, scuffs or being bent out of shape along with a compartment for spare lenses, visors and other accessories that’s complete with a carabiner clip to attach to any gear bag or backpack, keep the gear safe that’s designed to keep your face and eyes safe with a Valken Goggle Case!

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$199.95 – $209.95

Valken Loader Case

Valken Loader Case

People spend thousands on their paintball gun, looking for accuracy, consistency, reliability and the performance they need to put paintballs on bad guys and win! But it doesn’t stop there – even the best paintball guns can’t perform to their greatest potential without a high performance paintball loader that can feed it paintballs consistently, even when the paintballs are brittle and the weather is nasty! Protect that high end paintball loader with a Valken Loader Case! The Valken loader case is a rigid, zippered paintball loader case designed to fit most modern tournament paintball loaders and deliver them safely to the paintball field, safe from crushing, scratches and scrapes inside a gear bag! The new Valken Loader case is also an ideal way to transport the loader, plus batteries, rain lids, speed feeds and other critical paintball loader components together so they’ll be convenient when they’re needed! Protect your valuable paintball loader and keep it and all its accessories together with the Valken Loader Case!

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$109.95 – $129.95

Valken Tank Case

Valken Tank Case

Paintball players are so used to their paintball air tank that they’ve become part of the scenery. However, take a second to stop and think about what a paintball air tank is and does! A paintball compressed air tank has to safely hold up to 4,500psi of air safely without fail – ever – and work with the regulator to get around 800psi of consistent pressure to your paintball gun so it will shoot fast, shoot straight and do it all in every kind of weather without skipping a beat. That’s asking a lot! Modern paintball air tanks are extremely rugged, simple and reliable devices, but when they’re not in-use they need to be protected from scratches, dents and dings to both the bottle and the delicate threads and gauges of the regulator! That’s where the Valken Tank Case comes in! A rigid, zippered case designed to hold most modern paintball compressed air tanks securely and safely, along with the regulator, whether it’s assembled or disassembled for travel, along with spare o-rings and thread and fill nipple protectors! Keep that high pressure paintball air tank safe and protected with the Valken Tank Case!

Paintball Supplies

Protect Your Investment!

A complete set of quality paintball equipment represents quite an investment! Between a high-dollar pair of paintball goggles, a tournament-level paintball loader and a quality paintball air tank, a player can easily spend as much as a thousand dollars or more! For just a few dollars more, that paintball gear can be kept safe while it’s being transported and stored so when it’s needed, it will be ready to deliver peak performance! Valken Paintball Gear cases protect your paintball equipment investments and keep your gear working as it should, at a price any serious player can afford!

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