Valken Razorback Paintball Gun

Valken Razorback Paintball Gun

The Valken Razorback Paintball Gun

Simple, Affordable Firepower!

The new Valken Razorback paintball gun combines a time-tested, reliable operating system with modern features and a price any paintball player can afford! A mechanical semi-automatic paintball gun needing no batteries to shoot as fast as a player can pull the trigger, the Valken Razorback offers the modern features and style players expect, is easy to clean and maintain, and is built with the latest technology to provide the greatest reliability! Loaded with competitive features, designed and built to combine performance with minimal maintenance and available in red, black or blue, the new Valken Razorback paintball gun delivers simple, affordable FIREPOWER!

Valken Razorback Red

The Valken Razorback paintball gun is built around a very simple operating system that combines mechanical semi-automatic firepower with simple maintenance to allow for trouble-free paintball fun! A stacked-tube, blowback mechanical semi-automatic paintball gun, the Valken Razorback is powered by CO2 or compressed air (compressed air is recommended for optimum all-weather performance) and feeds .68 caliber paintballs through a clamping, vertical feed neck for left or right-handed users and to optimize feed and firing rates without chopped or broken paintballs. No plastic hopper adapters or “elbows” are required, eliminating one of the most basic points at which similar paintball guns run into trouble! Left and right-handed users are further accommodated by the top cocking handle and bolt pin on the Razorback, which allows simple manipulation with either hand! Stainless steel and aluminum components are utilized throughout the construction of the Valken Razorback to improve reliability and performance, and the paintball gun’s valve features a patent-pending Self-Centering Cup Seal for improved overall performance and consistency! The Razorback paintball gun’s design is modernized and optimized for the best overall performance while remaining affordable.

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Valken Razorback Blue

With the top cocking handle pulled to the rear, the ported barrel safely blocked, an air tank threaded into the bottom-line bottle adapter and a hopper locked into the vertical, clamping feed neck, the Valken Razorback paintball gun can be loaded up with paintballs and is ready to hit the paintball field! Stopping by the chronograph to make sure their new Razorback is shooting within safe velocity parameters won’t take long, as the rear velocity adjuster on the Valken Razorback is simple to use and adjustments take only moments with a simple Allen wrench. Once out on the field, players will find the light weight of the Razorback makes running and moving with the paintball gun easier, and the vertical feed neck allows players to shoot with their left or right hand, out either side of a bunker or tree, while keeping the hopper behind cover and efficiently feeding paintballs! It won’t take long with the adrenalin pumping and the paintballs flying for players of all skill levels to master the Razorback double trigger and achieve rates of fire of several paintballs per second!

Off the field and ready for cleaning, the Valken Razorback continues to shine! Cleaning and maintaining the Valken Razorback paintball gun takes only minutes and is extremely simple. With the hopper, air tank and all paintballs safely removed, a player can unthread the Spyder-threaded Razorback barrel, ensure the breech is clear of any remaining paintballs, then pull the top cocking pin to disconnect the Razorback’s bolt from the hammer and slide the bolt out the back of the top tube of the Razorback’s receiver. This will allow the entire top tube to be cleaned with a swab to remove any paint, shell or other debris. A few drops of oil into the air adapter and one or two more onto the hammer riding in the bottom tube of the Razorback are then all that should be necessary to keep the Valken Razorback shooting well and functioning normally!

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Valken Razorback Black

Players looking to squeeze even more performance out of their Valken Razorback will be thrilled to know that upgrades are already available that will improve its performance! As the Valken Razorback is threaded to accept Spyder paintball gun barrels, plenty of aftermarket paintball barrel manufacturers offer affordable barrels that can be added to the Razorback to improve overall accuracy, velocity consistency and long-range shot groups, while reducing the sound signature of the Razorback as it fires. While a basic paintball hopper is more than adequate for the Razorback, players who wish to take full advantage of its rate of fire can upgrade to a Valken V-Lite hopper or even to a Valken V-Max+ motorized loader to ensure the fastest feed rates without jams and to eliminate the chance of a chopped paintball at high rates of fire! Players looking to squeeze the highest performance out of the Razorback and take full advantage of its rate of fire and self-centering cup seal should use compressed air as their propellant source, and Valken offers numerous affordable options for paintball air tanks that will power the Razorback for plenty of shots per fill and provide consistent performance in all weather conditions!

Light, compact, well-made, packed with features and incredibly affordable, the Valken Razorback paintball gun combines performance and value in a sleek, attractive package! Simple to clean and maintain, the Razorback is an ideal paintball gun for beginner players or any paintball player on a budget as it is more reliable and better constructed than the many cheap paintball guns available at similar prices. Don’t trust your next game to just any cheap paintball gun when you can enjoy plenty of features, innovative technology, simple maintenance and rock solid, reliable performance of the new Valken Razorback!

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