Valken Red-Dot Sight Review

Valken Red Dot Sight

Valken 1x35mm Multi-Reticle Red Dot Sight Review

Hello airsofters! I wanted to write a little post to re-visit my Valken Alloy PDW and update you all on some cool new externals. Specifically, the Valken V-Tactical Red Dot.

I actually acquired this scope recently and have been messing around with it quite a bit. Personally, I love using a red dot on my rifle, but a lot of the time I don’t simply because most of the red dots that are out there for airsoft are just trash. That being said, the Valken V-Tactical is starting to change my mind. There are a lot of things this scope does right with only minor flaws which is more than acceptable in my book.

One of the biggest problems I have with more airsoft red dots is glare. It is literally the destroyer of red dots. Most of the time, I get a red dot, take it out on the field, look through it, and realize that I can’t see anything through the lens. Or even worse, I can’t even see the red/green dot anywhere, rendering the sight completely useless. However, the V-Tactical sight solves both of those problems. It solves the glare problem in a few ways. First, it has an extended sheath over the forward lens, shading it from sun from pretty much any angle. That way, you don’t have sun beaming down on your lens, causing glare. Second, the dot can be switched to red or green and the brightness has five levels of intensity. This feature is crucial if you are switching between night and day gameplay.

The sight also uses one standard AA battery instead of a flat “button battery,” so you can literally buy spare batteries anywhere. I love this because I seriously hate button batteries. Usually I have to order them online because the stores near me don’t always carry the specific size I need for different red dots. Using AA’s just eliminates all of that fuss and worry. The battery compartment features a simple rubber on/off switch on the cap that makes using the sight a snap. No need to turn any dials like on red dots that take button batteries. On the V-Tactical, you just press the on button and you are good to go.

In regards to adjustment, the sight has two covered adjustment points for zeroing. Just unscrew the covers and turn the screws with a flat head to adjust the Y or X axis. Other than that, the sight comes with two spring-loaded dust covers for the lenses and one riser piece to adjust the height of the sight on your rifle. My only concerns with the sight are that it is a bit on the heavy side (which takes time to get used to) and the forward lens can be a bit difficult to clean since it is so deep down in the sight. However, just need to remember to keep your dust covers closed when not in use and clean the sight often to minimize dirt buildup. Other than those minor issues, the Valken V-Tactical Red Dot is awesome.

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