Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader!

Valken V-Max+ paintball loader

The Valken VMax Loader!

The Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader is the ULTIMATE combination of features, performance and price!

Every paintball player’s been there, especially early-on in their paintball adventures – shaking their paintball gun when the paintballs just stop feeding. Over-filling a basic paintball loader can lead to jams, and even the most affordable semi-auto paintball guns are easily able to shoot faster than a simple gravity-fed paintball hopper can feed! Chopped and broken paintballs, misfires and having to stop in the heat of battle to shake a paintball gun is a part of the game nobody loves, but Valken offers an affordable, reliable solution – the Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader! Lightweight, simple, reliable and affordable, making the move to a Valken VMax loader will instantly improve any player’s day with higher feed rates, higher rates of fire without ball breaks or chops and reduced feed jams. Shoot faster, dominate your opponents and WIN with the Valken V-Max Plus paintball loader!

Valken VMax loader on Valken Razorback paintball gun

When it’s time to stop chopped and broken paintballs, eliminate the need to stop and shake a paintball gun when the paintballs stop feeding or dump a handful of paintballs out of a cheap paintball loader because it’s overfilled and won’t feed, it’s time to move up to a motorized paintball loader! Motorized paintball loaders changed how the game of paintball was played when they were introduced in the 1990’s – paintball gun technology had moved so far that modern semiauto paintball guns could shoot faster than gravity fed paintball loaders could feed, leading to chopped and broken paintballs. The Viewloader 2000 and its next generation model, the Viewloader Revolution, made shooting faster possible by adding sensors in the loader’s feed neck and a motor-driven agitator inside the loader with the paintballs. When paintballs jammed, the sensors in the loader’s feed neck would detect the gap and immediately spin the blades of the agitator, clearing the jam and keeping a steady stream of paintballs falling down the feed neck and into the paintball gun! This increased possible rates of fire well past what gravity could feed, ushering in a revolution in paintball gun technology and competition! The Valken V-Max+ paintball loader functions in a similar manner, allowing players to shoot faster while eliminating jams and chops!

Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader & Accessories!

Lightweight and easy to use, the Valken Vmax loader features an extremely simple and reliable drive system that is gentle on paintballs and feeds fast while remaining simple to clean. A single button at the rear of the loader operates the system, and the V-Max hopper is powered by 2 nine-volt batteries. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and utilizing a rugged flip lid that can quickly be swapped out for a speed feed for faster reloads, the Vmax loader weighs barely a pound and boasts a capacity of over 200 rounds! This means a player that moves up to the Valken V-Max loader can carry more paintballs with a lightweight loader, shoot faster and break and chop fewer paintballs – this all adds up to a drop-on upgrade that instantly improves any paintball player’s game! Whether used by scenario players who spend hours at a time on the field or by serious paintball tournament competitors looking for a reliable, lightweight alternative to heavier, more complicated and far more expensive paintball loaders, the Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader delivers affordable performance any player can trust!

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With the rise of mechanical paintball and many new mechanical paintball guns like Valken Razorback, Valken Blackhawk, Eclipse Emek, Etha3 and Etha3M, Shocker AMP and other paintball guns that need no batteries to shoot fast like modern Autococker paintball guns, the Valken V-Max+ paintball loader is more at-home on the paintball field than ever! A lightweight, simple and fast motorized loader that can do the job while keeping weight to a minimum and functioning with a greater degree of simplicity than high-end tournament paintball loaders that cost hundreds of dollars, the affordable Valken V-Max+ paintball loader can punch well above its weight and help a serious mechanical paintball player win!

Valken V-Max+ Paintball loader

When it’s time to get serious about paintball, get an edge over opponents and upgrade your paintball gear for increased performance that will be immediately noticeable on the paintball field, there are few upgrades better than a motorized paintball loader! The Valken V-Max+ paintball loader checks off all the boxes for higher feed rates, higher rates of fire, fewer chopped and broken paintballs and improved overall performance, at a price any paintball player can afford

Valken VMax loader

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