What is Scenario Paintball?

What is scenario paintball?

The world of scenario paintball is an amazing place that most paintball players, regardless of age, experience level or playing style, quickly fall in love with! But what the heck is scenario paintball after all?

Scenario paintball was created not long after the invention of the game and sport of paintball itself! The man primarily responsible for the concept of scenario paintball, Wayne Dollack, envisioned taking the concept of paintball as an escape from reality further than it had ever been taken before, by allowing players of the game to actually embrace on a new identity within the game, playing a role essential to moving the plot of a game, or scenario, forward towards a conclusion. For example, a scenario game might be based on a popular movie or historical event such as Star Wars, with players squaring off as Rebels and Empire soldiers and lucky players dressed up as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or the Jedi and props like light sabers, X-Wing fighters and Jedi in robes might be found anywhere on the field!

Historically-based scenario paintball games allow players to take a shot at rewriting history at events reenacting the D-Day landings of the Invasion of Normandy pitting the Axis against the Allies, fighting a cold war battle that never happened if the Warsaw Pact had attacked Western Europe and the NATO alliance at the Fulda Gap, or defending the Alamo like Davy Crockett!

Many scenario games are also referred-to as 24 hour games, as scenario paintball events are played throughout an entire weekend, starting Saturday and ending Sunday! Players are able to register early and even camp on-site, enjoying food vendors, campfires with friends from around the country and even the world, and shop at paintball company vendors who come to the games to provide everything players could ever dream of from show trailers and tents! Scenario games have even set world records for paintball game size, with as many as four thousand players descending on games like the Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish Paintball in the Poconos, and over a thousand players doing battle at once for control of the Fulda Gap at Command Decisions in North Carolina!

Scenario games have evolved since their creation to allow players of all ages, families and paintball teams from around the world to come together at amazing paintball playing parks to enjoy weekends packed with travel to new places, meals and campfire fun with friends, incredible role-playing experiences and, of course, plenty of intense paintball action! Players equipped with magazine-fed tactical equipment and wearing camo loadbearing gear and ghillie suits stand side-by-side with tournament paintball players with shiny paintball guns and brightly colored team apparel for hours of fun in urban combat environments, thick woods, hills and valleys and more!

Incredibly fun and hosted by paintball fields around the world, scenario paintball is an amazing and steadily growing part of the game of paintball that’s fun for the entire family!

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