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In a time of uncertainty, civil unrest, pandemic and increasing crime, more people than ever are considering the unfortunate but realistic possibility that their homes and families may be threatened and some form of self-defense or home protection may be necessary. While many in such a position default to a firearm for personal protection and home defense, some may consider the lethal force applied by a firearm a step too far, others may be concerned that keeping a firearm in the home may place their children in danger, and still others may be prohibited by state or local laws from obtaining and owning a gun for home defense. In these instances, and for whatever reasons, alternate options for family protection and home defense must be considered, and an ideal option is Pepperball. At this juncture, the critical question becomes: why Pepperball?

Pepperball Lifelite Launcher

Briefly defined, Pepperball is a term that describes both an item – a small paintball-like projectile in various calibers from .50 caliber to .68 caliber containing a PAVA powder fill that, when fired from an air-powered system designed to shoot it, breaks open on a target introducing a pepper spray-like irritating and debilitating cloud – and systems designed to deliver that item to a target effectively. Increasingly popular for use by law enforcement when non-lethal force is required, Pepperball and Pepperball guns are now being released that are designed from the ground up for use in home and personal protection. Systems like the Pepperball LifeLite Launcher and the Umarex P2P HDP home defense pistol both offer affordable and useful options for home defense and personal protection that, when used properly, put potent self-defense power in a person’s hands without the concerns or long-term reprocussions that surround the use of a firearm in a similar situation.

Definitions and mechanics aside the question remains – why Pepperball? To simply and directly answer the question, pepperball projectiles and the systems designed to use them allow a threatened person to utilize force in a situation from a distance and apply both the initial and painful impact of the projectile and its irritating and debilitating effects on an attacker to stop a serious threat to self, family and home while avoiding the long-term and possibly lethal ramifications of using a firearm in such a situation. Furthermore, a Pepperball Lifelite Launcher, Umarex P2P HDP pistol or other device firing Pepperballs causes extreme, but temporary, eye and respiratory irritation at greater distance than pepper spray, plus a painful initial impact to deter a threat. When compared to an item like a stun gun, which requires allowing an attacker to approach within arms’ reach of the victim before the device can be used, a Pepperball gun enables a potential victim to keep their attacker or attackers at a distance while applying a potent deterrence, creating better opportunities to escape, seek help or otherwise stop a threat.

Umarex T4E P2P HDP Pepperball Pistol

In addition to the range, impact and irritant capabilities of Pepperball in personal, home and family defense applications that make it a viable option, the choices available for utilizing Pepperball as part of a protective plan and their prices make Pepperball systems extremely attractive options. Options like the Umarex P2P HDP semiautomatic pistol can be obtained for as little as $99.95, while more potent options like the Pepperball LifeLite launcher still come in at $229.95, half the price of a popular firearm without the concerns for taking life or the legal ramifications. In most places, inert pepperballs (without the PAVA irritant) and even reusable rubber balls can be used for legal, back-yard practice to ensure proficiency with the Pepperball launcher or pepperball gun.

Uncertain times in a world that can be terrifying after just a few minutes watching the news is encouraging more people than ever to consider the frightening question: what if it happens to me? Pepperball, and the systems designed to apply Pepperballs effectively, provide a potent, affordable and less than lethal personal protection and home and family defense option that may be an ideal solution.

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