Thursday January 26, 2018

So there I was having breakfast in the Press Room and reviewing a purchase order for New Zealand. Then I came to the realization that the Press Room has been an immense help for our media team. It's more than just free food, drinks, and internet. It's a quiet place for us to get away from the loud show floor to upload media, print materials, edit content, or rally to brainstorm ideas for our next project. So it you have been enjoying all the media we have been releasing, don't thank us. Thank the mother of all awesomeness known as the Press Room

The morning was fairly quiet, until I was pleasently surprised by the most energetic woman in shooting sports. Her name is Deb Ferns and she runs an organization called Babes with Bullets. Babes with Bullets held its first event in 2004, and is the only US traveling firearms academy to offer handgun and rifle training to women at all levels. It's a great organization giving back to the female shooting population in what is widely considered a male dominated sport. Deb is the epitome of doing "Whatever It Takes" for something she is passionate about.

Then the crowd of vistors grew into a non-stop flow of catching up with old friends. Derek from Tac City popped in and we reminisced about co-commentating the second annual SpeedQB tournament last summer. We both agreed that we definitely need to do that again! Can't wait to attend another competition of the fastest growing sub culture of airsoft. Then I video bombed Ricardo from Airsoft Tactical Store in Puerto Rico while he was filming video about products in our booth! "¡Hola mis amigos! Soy el Kaiju de Valken Sports. ¡Sé bueno!" We both got a kick put of it. My wife's family is from Puerto Rico and my latin brothers will always be a part of my extended family. And you can't be at the country's largest firearms trade show without running into shooting enthusiasts. Denise and JJ Johnson run Johnson 3-Gun, and are responsible for hosting the He-Man 3-Gun Championship and the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship. The Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship is one of the largest natural terrain shooting competitions in the US and shooters from over 20 different countries travel from all over the world to compete at 6,000 feet above sea level with targets as far as 400 yards. I have competed in this match, and it is not for the faint of heart.

It was now time to get ready for Episode #0024 of the Valken Debrief - Shot Show 2018 Edition! Josh and I have been excited about this episode for over a month since we organized the guest list. We had an awesome time with Valken athlete Bobby Wolves; Kelly Hardwick from Femme Fatale Airsoft; Tim from Redwolf TV; active SWAT team sniper Jay-Lo, Ryan Wilson from Airsoft C3; and Derrick Campbell from Moeguns Tactical. It was so fun to have so many friends in one place just to hang out and talk about Shot Show. We covered topics from cool, new products to #FreeTim! If you missed the LIVE show, you can still go see it on our Valken Airsoft Facebook page. You don't want to miss out. We even had a live studio audience who included one of our youngest fans, Jaiden. Can't wait to see this little guy grown up and be a pew pew terror!