Do Girls Play Paintball?

Paintball is one of the very few team games or sports where men and women, regardless of size and strength, can complete on an even playing field. In fact women compete even at the highest professional level of paintball both on coed teams and even all-female teams in the U.S and literally across the globe. Each year tens of thousands of women of all ages also play paintball recreationally worldwide.

Over the years paintball among women has become so common that companies like Valken Sports make chest protectors and other protective gear specifically designed for women of all ages. Valken also has an excellent line of women’s pants, jerseys and off-field apparel. So whatever your skill level and even if you are a total beginner you’ll always be welcome at paintball fields everywhere and Valken Sports will make sure you have everything you need to play safely, comfortably and at the top of your game.

No matter where you live a simple Google search will point you to a paintball field near you. Most fields will accommodate one person or a group of players and rental equipment is always available. So find a field near you an get out an experience the greatest game in the world.