Gelblaster at Valken

Hit the back yard blasting with Gel Blaster! The battery powered GelBlaster Surge fires small, environmentally safe jelly balls called Gellets at 150 feet per second and offers hours of safe, affordable fun! The Gel Blaster Surge uses an included rechargeable battery to fire fully automatic, from an included 800 round hopper, and the Gellets are easy to store and use! Even safety glasses are included, so grab your Gel Blaster and hit the backyard for safe, family-friendly FUN!

Gel Blaster Products

The Gelblaster is a modern family entertainment phenomenon taking the world by storm! The best Gelblasters are, unsurprisingly, manufactured by Gel Blaster and offered for sale online by Valken Paintball and Valken Airsoft! But many unaware of this amazing new product might be curious about the concept the first time they hear the word Gel blaster and find themselves asking – what is a Gel blaster? The answer is simple: a gel balster is an affordable, electric air gun that blasts environmentally friendly, non-staining jelly balls known as Gellets at a fun but safe, low velocity making them ideal for kids and families that may be interested in paintball or airsoft, but might have children too young for the minimum ages, or who may want to play games in the backyard or even inside the home! Gelblaster gellets, often called jelly balls, gelly balls or orbeez, are sold dehydrated and are easily grown by dumping them into a bucket of water where they grow the required size to feed through a jelly ball gun or gel blaster. The best gel blaster guns are the Gelblaster Surge and the new, high performance Gelblaster Surge XL rifle! Both the Gelblaster Surge XL and the Gelblaster Surge are reliable gel blasters that are packed with features like multiple firing modes, adjustable velocity and rechargeable batteries! Gel blasters like the Surge are packaged with massive hoppers that hold hundreds of jelly balls or gellets and feature internal, rechargeable batteries, meaning no big bills for packaged AA or 9volt batteries! Gelblaster gellets are extremely affordable and easy to use, but best of all, jelly ball is safe! Gelblaster packages every Gel Blaster with safety glasses, and Valken offers our extremely safe Valken MI-3 paintball goggle for sale in bright red and blue colors, with a chin strap and an over-the-head strap making these affordable paintball goggles ideal for use with younger players, making jelly ball safe for kids! Reliable, simple, safe for the environment and safe for kids and players of all ages, GelBlaster is a game that has taken the world by storm! Get the best Gel blasters and jelly ball ammo, plus a Gel Blaster buying guide here at Valken Sports!