So there I was waking up at 6am wondering to myself why am I awake 13 hours before my flight to fabulous Las Vegas. Just a little anxious for the most exciting week of the year in the industry, but it was now time to pack. So I had to focus, and it's not Shot Show without having batteries, external battery packs, and back up batteries. Two is one, and one is none I always say. I think I need more batteries.

Now if you didn't know, the most important role at Shot Show is the Swag Man! You can never have too much swag. Swag is more valuable than your own children. I have an entire gear bag of swag, including patches, ball caps, beanies, lanyards, shirts, and dead rags that even Harambe himself would be proud of! So if you see me at Shot Show, I am always up for a trade. Can you even barter, bruv?

So I made it to the airport and met up with Josh and Mason. Security was absolutely smashed! There was two people ahead of me and it took a whole 3 minutes to clear the TSA checkpoint. Can you believe the nerve of the TSA staff of them actually doing their job? Unbelievable!

Normally, I love to people watch when at places with large groups of people, such as shopping malls or airports. But today boys and girls, I was only stalking the elusive creature known as Darth Valken. #FreeJosh. It's taken me months of gruelling study to memorize his habits and details. From having his head buried in his phone to yearning for Starburst mini's, I had it all documented.

We made it on board the airplane and I was hoping that Thanos in his search for the Infinity stones didn't send his minions to disturb the peace and tranquility of our flight. When we sat down we were happy to have empty seats between us. So much so that I had to take a photograph of Josh taking a photograph. But alas, our triumphant joy was soon squashed by the never ending sea of passengers continuing the cram into our tiny sardine tin. Then after we were airborne, I was for sure we would have to return to the airport because the landing gear doors kept opening and closing repeatedly. What kind of sorcery was this! But after about half a dozen fake outs, the landing gear finally remained stowed.

We finally made it to fabulous Las Vegas without incident! We gathered our belongings soon to discover that our hotel shuttle was two terminals away. But that didn't dampen our spirits and we soon made it to the hotel. After checking in, we realized how hungry we were. We searched the magic box called Google and saw an enticing little Ramen restaurant around the corner. As we left our hotel and turned down the street, we saw an unlit, sketchy path that disappeared into the darkness. Well let's just say our Ramen craving went quickly away and we decided to end the night at the Haufbrauhaus with an oompa loompa band playing the hit song, YMCA.


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