So there I was waking up to the smell of the three greatest things in America: bacon, gun powder, and a Sith Lord. Today we had the awesome task of building Valken Command and welcoming the forth team member of the Justice League to Las Vegas. So without further delay, we headed down to the Sands Expo Center. Even though this will be my forth Shot Show, the inner child in me always comes out when I slide my Exhibitor badge into my holder. I savor it more than the sensation of peeling off the protective film on a new cell phone.

As we walked through the expo center, our floor was surprisingly quiet for only being two days left until the show starts, which only meant some poor souls would be up past midnight the night before the show starts scrammbling to finish their booth. But not us; no sir! We were a finely tuned machine with the purpose of a Terminator searching for John Connor. The organization was one of the smoothest plans I have had the pleasure of being a part of. We hardly spoke to one another, no one was in anyone's way, and we banged out the booth faster than 12 parsecs.

Shot Show is more than just a trade show. It's about Shotfluenza, bingo, gun bunnies, blowing through ammunition like it's going out of style, and seeing your favorite celebrities. Speaking of celebrities, we ran into Callsign Ironman in Valken Command and he was as majestic as ever! All are welcome to come see the Tony Stark of airsoft, and I have a free patch for anyone who takes a selfie with him and tags @callsign_ironman and @valkenairsoft on Instagram!

After erecting Valken Command, my next task was to find food and libations for the Eagles versus Vikings conference championship game. The waiting line at the Black Tap in the Venetian was at a stand still, and there was no way we were getting into Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo. The game was about to start and with no sports bar available, we called an audible amd ran down to the saving grace of Shot Show attendees known as Walgreens. We stocked up and headed back up to our suit to watch the Philadelphia Eagles smash the Minnesota Vikings with a final score of 38 to 7. The birds were INVINCIBLE!

I would love to say that the Eagles win over the Vikings was the end to a perfect day, but I would be lying to you all. After the game, Josh and I headed down to welcome the Cyborg to our Justice League, which was A-Train from YouTube! Our team was now complete and I can't wait for all of to see what we have in store over the next.few days.