Interview by Kevin Rudulph W/ Mark Chapman

Manchester Firm, welcome to the Valken Family! We are very excited to have you guys on board this season! I played with Firm last season, and from what I can tell this team has a great foundation and the drive to play with the best out there. Obviously some foreseen hurdles for an brand new Pro Team but thats ok. It’s only fitting that a gritty team like Firm signs on with the company that will do #WhateverItTakes to help get you to the top!

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Mark Chapman, owner and coach of Manchester Firm. Tell me, why was Valken and the VPC Program your top choice for the 2017 season?
Superb paint, gives teams a great choice of products and packages, amazing people behind the scenes who really put the needs of the team first. It’s a perfect combination for a young and hungry Professional team. We used to be the Divisional team looking to get to the top of the mountain and we think Valken is the perfect choice to help us get even further up that hill. We have always had a great working relationship with the guys that work at Valken. Jackie and John Sosta, Damian Ryan and Kali Rudulph both on and off the field. It seemed like the natural step to take plus our friends from infamous have gone over to Valken!

Whats the most exciting thing about being a Valken VPC Sponsored Team?
Its great to be part of something new. Valken is innovative and we honored they have chosen us to represent them this season.

Describe your first season as a Professional Paintball team.
It was a very tough season coming into the pro division with a massive learning curve, but as a team we knuckled down and got on with it, we played our hearts out and apart from 2 games our results were really close. We were able to get some really good feedback from the teams that we played against as well. It’s hard to make it to the pro division, and even harder to stay there.

What steps are you taking to improve from last year into this year?
We have only took 2 weekends off in the holidays and we are already back to practice, we are focusing on fitness this year plus we have taken Jake onboard who is doing the paintball tv channel, which is great for drills and improving your game.

What's 2017 it look like?
We are very excited for the 2017 season and can’t wait to build off of what we have already started. We would like to improve on our over all season ranking and of course win more matches.

Thank you for your time Markie! You can follow Manchester Firm all season long via FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM

Mark Chapman
Owner and Coach

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