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  • Blog - 6/6/2017 - Midcap vs Hicap

Airsoft magazines come in two primary varieties: HiCap and Midcap. Choosing which is best for you is a question of budget, function, and style. Each type has advantages and disadvantages to consider.


High-Capacity, or, HiCap airsoft magazines are called such because they have a large reservoir of BBs. They also have a manual crank or wheel that must be pre-wound to feed the BBs into the airsoft rifle. HiCap mags are usually included with new airsoft rifles and everyone who plays airsoft owns at least one.

  • · Reload Less – HiCaps typically hold between 200 and 500 BBs, depending on the style.
  • · Carry Less –An airsoft player won’t need many HiCaps to carry a lot of ammo.
  • · Cost Effective – For players on a budget, HiCaps will carry more ammo per dollar than MidCaps.
  • · No Special Tool required to load.


  • · More Noise – HiCap mags hold a reservoir of loose BBs, which rattle when the player moves.
  • · Unreliable Feeding – May not keep up with rifles that have a higher rate of fire. The mechanism might get stuck and require a shake or firm tap to encourage proper function.
  • · Constant Winding – A HiCap’s internal spring must be wound and re-wound to maintain proper feeding during operation.


Mid-Capacity, or, MidCap airsoft magazines are called such because they hold fewer BBsthan HiCap mags but not as few as “LowCap / RealCap” magazines (these magazine types explained at the end). MidCaps require additional equipment to load BBs known as a “speed loader”. MidCap mags are usually required by airsoft events known as “MilSims” and are popular among players for their light weight and increased realism.


  • · Reload More – Look at feel tactical while reloading.
  • · Silent – MidCap magazines do not have loose BBs to rattle around when moving.
  • · No Winding – Just put in the mag and fire away until it’s empty.
  • · Reliable Feeding – MidCapsoften function better in rifles with a higher rate of fire when compared to HiCaps.


  • · Reload More – You will need to mind your ammo count and reload during firefights. This takes practice.
  • · Lost Magazines – In the process of reloading, you might drop or misplace a magazine. Use a dump pouch to speed up reloading and prevent lost mags.
  • · Carry More – Since each MidCap holds less than an individual HiCap, you will need to carry multiple MidCap mags to equate to a similar amount of ammo inside just one HiCap. Pouches become necessary for holding multiple MidCap mags.
  • · More Expensive – It will cost more money to carry a similar amount of BBs in MidCaps as it would in HiCaps. You will need to purchase extra pouches to accommodate the additional magazines.
  • · Loading – Loading MidCap magazines requires a speed loader.


These magazines are like MidCaps but they hold even less rounds. The name “RealCap” comes from the fact that these mags hold the same number of rounds as their real-life counterparts, e.g. 20 or 30 BBs. This type is not as popular as MidCapsbecause Airsoft BBs are not very accurate and more easily disturbed by wind or foliage