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When it comes to buying new airsoft equipment like airsoft guns, airsoft goggles or airsoft accessories, there are hundreds of options and the choices are difficult! Valken airsoft experts run down the latest airsoft gear to help you make the right decision on the best airsoft gear!

How To

Airsoft is a fun, high-tech world of amazing equipment and intense action! Learn the basics of the world of airsoft from how to operate an airsoft gun to tactics, tips and tricks to help you take any objective!


Learn everything there is to know about the game of airsoft, from tips on how to play to information on how to use and operate airsoft gear and equipment so you can accomplish your mission!

Product Reviews

Learn about the latest and best airsoft equipment with detailed reviews and overviews of everything from airsoft guns to airsoft goggles and airsoft apparel and upgrades, and make the right decision on the best airsoft equipment for you!

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