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Why become a Valken Brand Ambassador?

The Valken Brand Ambassador program is a referral and sponsorship program rolled into one. It’s open to anyone who has a passion for Airsoft, Paintball or both!

By joining our Valken Paintball Sponsor program or Valken Airsoft Sponsor program you’ll be able to promote all of Valken’s products to your friends, family, and followers...and share your unique discount code with them.

How do I make money sharing Valken?

When your friends, family or followers use your unique share code to check out on or they will receive a one time 10% off discount on all of the Valken products in their order.

This will create a referral within our program and you will be eligible for a 10% reward on the value of the sale before shipping and taxes. The more people that use your code the more money you will make!

Once your friend, family or follower receives their order, your referral will be approved and your reward will be paid via PayPal.

However, If an order is found to be fraudulent, if your code was taken from a coupon website or if there is any other form of misuse of the code, your referral will be declined.

It will take about a week for your referral's order to be delivered and approved and you will get paid on the following Monday after approval.

How do I get a discount or sponsorship?

As an ambassador you will also receive a personal code with which you can shop for yourself or your team with at anytime to receive 15% off all Valken brand products. This code is only for you to use, and misuse could result in expulsion from the program.

How do I join?

To register to become a Valken brand ambassador you must be a resident of the United States or Canada. Click HERE to register!

What else can cause me to be removed from the program?

After you’re an approved member, there are only a few requirements to remain a Valken brand ambassador:

You must post weekly about Valken and tag at least one of our pages. You should also include an affiliate disclaimer with all of your posts and all of our other best practices guidelines and terms and conditions.

You must not use your Share code to shop for yourself.

You must not give your personal code to others or use it to shop for others.

Your behavior on social media must reflect well on Valken, and members whose social media includes anything we may deem as inappropriate will be removed from the program.

Before you reach $600 in rewards you must fill out a W9 so that we may issue you a 1099 form for taxes. Failure to do so will get you removed before you reach $600 in rewards.

Failure to comply with these rules or our terms and conditions will get you removed from the program.

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