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Are you a person who Loves paintball or Airsoft? We are looking for individuals that share the same passion as we do! We are explicitly looking for people who are enthusiastic about Valken products. Valken wants to give athletes the opportunity to share their love of this sport with the next generations.

We created this Valken Brand Ambassador program to support people who inspire us! When you’re an Ambassador, you’re not just in partnership with us, you’re an extension of our brand and an inspiration to our guests. We believe that when you do well, we all do well.

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Groups - You can only Pick one.

  • Influencer Paintball or Airsoft - This is a select group of people that have the power to influence others with a large social media following and traditional media.

  • Sponsor Paintball or Airsoft - This program is open to people who love to use Valken products, because you have had a positive experience with our brand and want to share.

  • Affiliate - Law Enforcement & Security

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