Defense Protection

US Soldiers

Defense Protection

Whether in the military defending your country, a sworn law-enforcement officer serving your community or an individual looking to protect your home, family and those you love, Valken offers a wide variety of protective equipment from accessories and PPE to complete defense protection systems! Whether simple and practical or high-tech and tactical, complete a duty loadout, build a home and personal protection kit or stock up on PPE with Valken Defense Protection products and equipment!

Law Enforcement

Protect and serve your community and be ready for whatever you may face with defense protection equipment and supplies for the law enforcement community from Valken.



Defend your country and be prepared to react to an ever-changing and turbulent world with defense protection equipment and supplies for the military from Valken.


Home Protection

Shield your home and family and be prepared for natural and man-made disasters with home defense and protection supplies and equipment from Valken.


PPE & Protective

Valken offers a complete line of PPE and Protective equipment from masks and face shields to disposable coveralls, whether for an individual or an entire medical community.

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Feature Product of the Week:


These lightweight and comfortable protective face shields are designed to protect from airborne hazards or contamination, a N95 or other filter mask can be worn under the face shield. These are durable and comfortable for use over an extended period of time.

Face Shield


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