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After a long tenure with JT Paintball (then called “JT Racing”), Dave Dehaan (Aka, Dave Youngblood) formed DYE Precision in 1994. The name DYE, an acronym for “Dave Youngblood Enterprises,” has become one of the iconic brands in paintball. Known originally in the mid-1990s for their stainless-steel barrels, DYE’s product line has expanded to include on and off-field apparel, paintball jerseys, pants, safety gear, tactical paintball gear, paintball guns, loaders/hoppers and much more.


Team Sponsorship History

DYE made their name in the mid-1990s with their stainless-steel barrel line and sponsoring teams like the Ironmen, who immediately became the flagship team of the brand. The Ironmen were the first pro team to shoot DYE’s barrels in 1994 and they went on to win the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) season series title in 1994 and 1995. In the mid 1990s the Ironmen were Captained by paintball legend Bob Long and their star-studded roster included players like Darryl Trent, Shane Pestana, Clayton Kyle, Marty Bush, Bryon Benini and of course Dave Youngblood. Later DYE-sponsored Ironmen teams rostered players like Mike Paxson, Billy Wing, Nicky Cuba, Oliver Lang, Todd Adamson, just to name a few. From the mid-90s and through the mid-2000 the Ironmen had rolled up nearly 20 professional tournament paintball wins. After a less successful recent ten years the Ironmen appear to be back to top form, winning the NXL (National Xball League) Las Vegas Open. The off-season addition of Nick Slowiak appears to have solidified an improving roster. As it stands now the Ironmen sit atop the NXL leaderboard and with only one scheduled event left in 2020, would win the NXL title if the World Cup is unable to happen due to COVID-19.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s DYE picked up teams like Team Image, The Family, The Cartel, Aftershock, Baltimore Trauma and Legacy. DYE currently sponsors all levels of tournament teams—Los Angeles Ironmen, Chicago Aftershock, London Nexus, Vision France, Toulouse TonTons, Jungle Boyz Brazil, Tampa Bay Damage and many more.

DYE Goggles

Goggle Systems

DYE took their place in the business of serious paintball goggles 11 years ago when they introduced the i4 Goggle System. The small profile, lightweight, optically beautiful i4 goggles remain one of the best sellers in the game. The next evolution in the DYE goggle line is their i5 Goggles. GSR pro-strap and e.VOKE communication system and comfortable foam lining make the i5 one of e best and most popular systems on fields across the world today. The DYE Axis Pro and Proto FS Goggles round out their impressive line of eye, ear and face protection.

Paintball Guns

As we stated earlier DYE cut their teeth on barrels but it wasn’t long before they were making on-field jerseys, paints, off-field apparel, hoppers/loaders goggles and accessories. In 2003 DYE’s Matrix was one of the hottest electronic guns on the planet and two years later Baltimore Trauma would win the NXL season title shooting the DM. Three years later DYE introduced the Proto Rail, another in their line of successful electro-pneumatic paintball guns. DYE’s current list of paintball markers includes the DAM, Proto Maxxed Rize and the M3 series.

DYE Precision

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