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Ben Frederick played his first game of paintball at the age of 14—and by the age of 15 he was already playing big games and scenario games in the Mid-West at Hell Survivor’s Paintball. Soon after, Ben would be playing tournament paintball at the local and regional level. After moving to Florida he started a small company called Hater Paintball in the early 2000s, right in the middle of the paintball “arms race,” when everyone playing the tournament circuit was trying to gain an edge in firepower--some legal and some not—by upgrading their electronic marker circuit boards.

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Hater Paintball’s Symbio board put the company on the map. The Symbio board was the first of its kind to include a wireless transceiver, linking the board and the gun to the hopper for amazing firing rates. Hater also introduced the Hatred board, another hugely popular circuit board with tournament players.  Hater Paintball in the end was probably best known for their “Hater Sauce” gun lubricants—Marmalade Sauce and Hater Sauce.

Also in the early 2000s Ed Evans started a company called Exalt Paintball, best known for their paintball accessories line. Frederick and Evans collaborated on several projects together and eventually the two companies merged.  Hater Paintball’s best products are now sold under the Exalt Paintball brand and both Evans, who has a mechanical engineering background, and Frederick continue to develop what has become one of the most extensive paintball accessories lines in the game of paintball. Ben was recently quoted as saying, “We (Exalt Paintball) make the stuff you don’t know you need until you see it.”

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Exalt’s huge line of products includes luggage, cases, loaders, tank covers and tang grips, casual and on-field apparel, lubricants, cleaning and maintenance products, protective gear and more. But it’s not just the volume of products or the variety that makes Exalt Paintball who they are in the game—it’s the quality and the style. Exalt’s products are cutting edge in both design and the “cool” factor. In other words, everything Exalt designs and produces looks as great as it performs.

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