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There are only a handful of names in paintball history that will be remembered, revered and respected forever. One name that stands near the top of that list is Bob Long. Bob is known as one of the greatest paintball team captains of all time; he’s known as the man behind the immensely successful Intimidator paintball gun; he’s known as an ambassador of the game of paintball; and he’s truly one of the great personalities the game has ever seen.

The IronMen

The Ironmen

The Ironmen were formed by “General Rick” Baird, a Northern California Ironworker in the mid-1990s. Rick and his son “Machine Gun Mike” Baird, along with Michael Leon, Flynt Smith, Dan Gormic, Tom Lenz and a handful of other ironworkers and friends would play in the California bay area for a few years before taking their game to the next level in 1987-1989, when players like Rick Cendejas, Carpet Bob, Clayton Kyle and Bob Long would join the team. Bob had previously been captain of Team Delta, named after Bob’s store Delta Archery. And shortly thereafter the team would add future star players like Mart Bush, Alexander Rose, Darryl Trent, Shane Pestana, Bryon Binini and Dave Younblood. By 1991 Rick Baird left the team, handing the reigns over to Bob Long. To this point the Ironmen had won the World Cup, the Western Classic and three Lively Series events. With Bob at the helm this was just the start as the Ironmen would go on a historic run, winning five NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) events and three pro series titles in the league’s first three years. Bob was named the NPPL’s first league President as well. By 1995 no name was stronger than the Ironmen and no person had more clout than Bob. In 1997 the Ironmen would split. Bob Long left the team, forming “Bob Long’s Ironmen” made up of players from the Ironmen second squad and a literal handful of players with no national tournament experience. The rest of the 1997 Ironmen roster stayed together and for three years had not stood on the podium of an NPPL event without Bob. Meanwhile, Bob’s squad of no-name players won the professional NPPL title the very next season in 1998.


Dynasty As Bob’s Ironmen were getting started he was also training a team called “The Ironkids,” who were dominating the Great Western Series. The Ironkids were a bunch of high schoolers with a roster that would later become a who’s who of tournament paintball. The Ironkids roster included players like Alex Fraige, Oliver Lang, Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau, Brian Cole, Kevin Bredthaur, Todd Martinez, Angel Fragoza, Eric Roberts, Davey Williamson, Whit Pierce, and Eric Crandall. The Ironkids would change their name to KAPP Factory for a short time and after winning five Ford Mustang in the Spyder Cup, would change their name one more time. That name… Dynasty. Generally known as the greatest paintball team of all time, in Dynasty’s first season in 2001, they won the coveted NPPL World Cup. By 2002 Dynasty would win both the US-based NPPL professional title as well as the European Millennium Series professional title. To date, Dynasty has won more than 55 major national/international tournament in the seven and ten-man formats. No other professional team has won as many as 25. In 2013 Dynasty won the first Valken Cup, along with a $25,000 check, in the one-off event that featured 20 teams playing three different formats: Woodsball, pump-play and Speedball.

Dynasty 2016

Bob Long

In addition to owning, running and captaining two of the greatest paintball teams of all time, and training the team that would become Dynasty, Bob Long was also one of the most creative paintball product designers in the game. Early on Bob was customizing Autocockers, designing and selling paintball gun accessories and working on creating his own paintball gun line. In 2004 the Bob Long Intimidator (also known as the “Timmy”) debuted and quickly became the hottest gun on the market—and it stayed the hottest gun on the market for more than five years. Over the years the Intimidator saw many design changes, improvements and dozens of custom versions were released. The Empire Intimidator, the 2K2 LaSoya Intimidator, the 2k5 Intimidator, the Vice, Alias and the G6R Intimidators are just a few that come to mind. Later Bob introduced another marker called the Defiant, which was quite successful in its own right. Other Bob Long (also known as B.L.A.S.T) guns would include the Victory, Protégé and the Insight.

Field One Marker

Field One Paintball

In 2017 Bob Long sold his company (BLAST) and its assets to Eric Crandall, long time member and manager of Dynasty and owner of Mare Island Paintball. Field One’s team/staff includes Alex Fraige, Ryan Greenspan and Yosh Rau—all legendary Dynasty players. Field One’s first new paintball gun release was the Field One “Force.” The Force Nucleus engine is the centerpiece of the Force and offers extremely high-end performance and efficiency while requiring minimal maintenance to keep it running. This top shelf marker is available in eight colorways and a Signature Series line of Force guns are being released late in 2020. Some of the Signature Series guns include the Blake Yarber Force, the Ryan Greenspan Force, the Scott Kemp Force and the Tyler Harmon Force, just to name a few. Field One Paintball also offers a variety of accessories including barrels, barrel kits, battel cleaning accessories, pressure testers, parts kits and parts for the Marq, the G6R, MVP, Onslaught and Force markers.

Field One Acculock Barrel Kits

The culmination of years of paintball evolution, the Field One Acculock barrel kit brings engineering technology to paintball barrel systems and the result is unparalleled accuracy! Delivered with 2 control bore inserts that self-align and lock into place within the barrel back and ported barrel front to ensure repeatable accuracy shot after shot, game after game, the Field One Acculock Lite barrel assembles to create an attractive, slimline 14 inch barrel optimized for any brand of paintball, any weather condition and any type of game, at a price any player can afford. The Acculock Lite paintball gun barrel is available in Autococker threads to fit almost every popular mid-to-high level paintball gun on the field and is constructed from lightweight yet durable anodized aluminum!

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