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The Hottest new trend in safe, affordable family fun, Gel Blaster is environmentally friendly and easy to enjoy! The Gel Blaster SURGE fires affordable, water-soaked “Gellets” that store for long periods and is powered by a plug-in, rechargeable battery that provides thousands of shots per charge! Simply charge your Surge battery, soak your Gellets in water overnight to let them expand, load up the 800 round hopper included with the Surge and go have fun!

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Hit the back yard blasting with Gel Blaster! The battery powered GelBlaster Surge fires small, environmentally safe gel pellets called Gellets at 150 feet per second and offers hours of safe, affordable fun! The Gel Blaster Surge uses an included rechargeable battery to fire fully automatic, from an included 800 round hopper, and the Gellets are easy to store and use! Even safety glasses are included, so grab your Gel Blaster and hit the backyard for safe, family-friendly FUN!

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Gel Blaster GELLETS make environmentally friendly, safe FUN! Sold and delivered dehydrated and able to be stored indefinitely, when it’s time to play, simply soak the gellets in water overnight (easy with a Gel Blaster Gellet Tub), allowing them to expand, then load up and play! Made from completely safe absorbent polymer, Gellets are affordable, easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean! Just add water for a Gel Blaster BLAST!

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