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When Ray Zafar founded Gen X Global (GXG) in 2002 it wasn’t a stretch to think he could make a vast affordable paintball product line and still be profitable. After all, that’s exactly what he did in the medical field previously. With a Bachelor’s degree and graduate level training in business, marketing and administration and years of experience in the medical supply chain world, Zafar was uniquely qualified to make the move to the sports supply chain with Gen X Global. He understood manufacturing and he understood supply and delivery. And he put a great team in places to design, develop, manufacture and deliver their good.

Located in Monrovia, California and now run by Arfan Majeed, Gen X Global provides their own manufactured line of products to new and mid-level paintball players. Their business isn’t manufacturing paintball guns that compete with the Planet Eclipse Ego or Luxe paintball guns, V-Force goggles or Empire EVS Goggles, or the DYE Rotor loader—GXG’s customer is the weekend player, the novice tournament player, the beginner scenario player and anyone else that’s looking for solidly built, quality paintball gear at an affordable price. 

Gen X Global Products

Gen X Global’s line is extensive, with more than 100 SKUs covering goggles, tactical vests, gloves, knee and elbow pads, loaders, packs, bags, accessories and more. GXG’s XVSN Goggles retail for under $20; their Tactical Vests start at under $25; they have several loaders, all under $10 retail; and their 100-round pods are priced well below $2. And for dealers Gen X Global’s prices and products are perfect for the paintball field shop, the retail store and for the player that needs a last minute pod, pack or piece protective gear.

Gen X Global

1709 So. California Ave

Monrovia, CA. 91016

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