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The early 1990s aftermarket paintball gun barrel business was a big one. Before there were electronic paintball guns, micro-switches, electronic eyes and the plethora of paintball gun accessories we have now in the 2000s, upgrading your gun’s barrel was the quickest and easiest way to improve the performance of your marker in the early days. By the start of the decade of the 90s there were three big barrel companies: Smart Parts and their spiral drilled barrel, Armson Barrels and their internally rifled barrels and Joe West’s J & J Performance Barrels. A few years later DYE Paintball and their barrel line made a big splash in the world of paintball barrels.

For more than 30 years J & J Performance Barrels have soldiered on and they remain a major player in the manufacturing of aftermarket barrels. J & J’s claim to fame in the 90s and the product that put them on the paintball map was their brass barrel line. These precision-made brass barrels were second to none in their day and they could be seen on paintball guns of many of the top competitive tournament teams on the pro/am circuit. And by the mid-90s J & J added their stellar ceramic barrel line, again used by top players and teams around the world. The slick ceramic barrel interior made this the first “self-cleaning” barrel as you could literally shoot through broken paint without taking the time to squeegee the barrel during the game.

J & J Performance Barrels continues on and their Ceramic “Edge” barrels are currently their most popular paintball products. Available in as a full or partial kit, or individual “barrel fronts” and barrel “backs” the Edge Barrels system is manufactured from aircraft grade high-quality aluminum and is ceramic coated. And like toe old days, J & J’s Edge Barrels are available in a huge variety of barrel lengths, configurations and for many different paintball guns.

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