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Remember these important battery safety rules:

  1. I will only use the proper type of battery charger made for the battery I am using.

  2. I will never leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.

  3. I will inspect my battery for damage prior to charging.

  4. I will always charge my battery in safe stable location on a non-flammable surface.

  5. I will never leave my battery and charger plugged in for extended periods of time.

  6. I will always read the entire product warnings and manual prior to using any battery related product.

  7. If you have a concern about your battery while charging. NEVER TOUCH IT! JUST UNPLUG THE CHARGER AND WAIT FOR IT TO BE SAFE TO HANDLE!

  8. Using a fireproof battery safety sack is the best practice when charging batteries

Watch the 3 safety videos below if you are unfamiliar or new to charging airsoft batteries for safe and proper care, maintenance, and use of all type of airsoft battery packs and chargers.

Valken NiMh Battery Safety


  • Never leave the charger unattended while it is connected to power supply.
  • Never attempt to charge more than 1 battery pack simultaneously from the same charger.
  • Only use the appropriate charger with your NiMh batteries. Use of other chargers can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never leave batteries and chargers unattended when in use.
  • Always remove the battery from the charger or airsoft gun when not in use. Always charge batteries in a safe area, on a stable non-flammable, heat-resistant, and non-conductive surface away from other flammable items. Unsafe charging surfaces include, but not limited to, car seats, carpet, bed, or something similar that can heat up quickly and melt or catch fire.
  • Never allow your battery and charger to be dislodged or fall during charging as this can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never alter, modify or open your battery pack or charger.
  • Terminate charging immediately when any malfunction is observed.
  • Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Before charging complete a visual inspection of your battery and charger. At the sign of any damage or short circuit, do not use.
  • Never expose NiMh batteries to temperatures higher than 160 degrees F.
  • Never leave your NiMh battery in a closed vehicle.
  • Never use any charger accessory, such as wires extensions, adapters, or multi-connector adapters, that were not included with your charger from the factory. They may not be compatible with your charger and result in fire, property damage, or personal injury.
  • Any service or modification of any NiMh battery must be completed by a qualified dealer or original manufacturer.
  • Always keep your battery in a safe secure location to prevent damage during transport or storage.
  • Always keep batteries away from liquids.
  • Always keep batteries out of the reach of children.

Don't charge the following types of batteries:

  • Lead Acid battery or VRLA.
  • Li-Po & Li-Ion battery packs.
  • Non-rechargeable battery (explosion hazard).
  • Faulty or damaged battery.
  • Any other type of battery except for NiMh battery packs.

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