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First Strike literally changed the game of paintball with the introduction of the First Strike round - a fin stabilized projectile able to shoot farther with much greater accuracy than any other paintball. The First Strike line of paintball products now includes amazing mag-fed paintball guns like the First Strike FSC pistol, the First Strike T15 rifle and the hot new First Strike Roscoe paintball revolver, along with the Hero and Merc lines of paintball air systems! Find all your First Strike paintball equipment here at Valken!

GOG paintball products have a heritage that reach deep into paintball history. GOG paintball gear like the legendary Freak paintball barrel help players shoot straight and quiet while the eNMEy paintball gun offers performance well above its price! The full line of GOG paintball gear is here at Valken from the GOG FREAK barrel to the GOG eNMEy paintball gun!

GXG is proof that solid, reliable paintball gear doesn’t have to be expensive! From GXG neck protectors to GXG Paintball chest protectors and much more, Valken offers a full line of GXG paintball gear that offers great, reliable performance at unbeatable prices!

HK Army's line of paintball gear includes everything from their feature-packed yet customizable KLR goggle worn by Dynasty in professional paintball competition and a wide array of packs and paintball harnesses like their Magtek, Zero G and Eject packs ideal for carrying pods into serious paintball competition, to the Pinokio paintball loader that offers one-of-a-kind expandable capacity to hold a whopping 400 paintballs! Valken proudly offers a wide assortment of HK Army Paintball gear including HK Army harnesses, HK Army KLR goggles and KLR goggle lenses, HK Army pod packs and harnesses, the Pinokio loader, HK Army gear cases and much, much more!

For decades J&J Performance have made a line of paintball gun barrels that helped players on every level of the game shoot straighter and hit their target! For the best paintball gun barrel at an amazing price, there’s still nobody better than J&J and their J&J Edge barrel kit and the J&J Ceramic barrel line, all here at Valken!

From making arguably the best paintball guns in the world to plenty of innovative and outstanding peripherals like bags, loaders and upgrades, Planet Eclipse is one of paintball’s most popular brands. Their CS2 Pro, LV1.6 and Geo4 paintball guns power some of the very best players in the world, while the GTek 170R, EMek and EMF100 are some of the most popular paintball guns at any level of the game! Valken stocks a full line of Planet Eclipse paintball gear and offers it at the best prices!

Push paintball has redefined what it is to look good and be comfortable in a high-end paintball goggle with their Push Unite goggle. The Push goggle is a remarkable blend of style, performance and versatility from a core group of players and experts who know how to win. Find the full line of Push goggles from the Push Base goggle to new Push goggle models here at Valken, along with Push lenses and goggle upgrades!

A legendary worldwide brand offering a remarkable line of products for airsoft, paintball and force-on-force training, Umarex paintball products are unique and impressive! Valken is fully stocked with Umarex products from the Umarex HDS 68 paintball shotgun to the Umarex TR50 paintball revolver, along with Umarex .50 and .43 caliber paintball guns, paintballs and more!

For an entire generation of paintball players, Dye defined paintball style and numerous teams at the highest levels of the game, like the Ironmen and Trauma, did their winning with Dye paintball gear. Dye continues that proud tradition today with products like the amazing Dye M3+ paintball gun, the now-legendary Dye Rotor loader, the Dye i5 paintball goggle much more! Find all the Dye paintball gear you could ever need at Valken!

Exalt doesn’t do paintball like other brands - Exalt offers a unique line of paintball gear that other companies simply don’t touch, from Exalt barrel maids and Exalt pod swabs to Exalt tank covers and Exalt gear cases to keep your high-end equipment safe! The Exalt bayonet is the most popular paintball barrel cover the game has seen in ages! See the full line of Exalt paintball gear here at Valken and get what you need to look good!

Field 1 Paintball powers legendary team Dynasty to victory at the pinnacle of the game, where they compete in professional paintball. The Field 1 Force paintball gun offers pro-grade performance in a new, attractive, accurate and fast tournament paintball gun while the Field 1 Acculock barrel system provides an innovative and unique take on delivering paintballs on target accurately every time the trigger is pulled! Valken is your one-stop shop for Field 1 paintball gear!

Innovative and boasting a robust product line packed with products that have become favorites in the world of paintball, Virtue and their counterparts at legendary brand Bunkerkings offer paintball gear used by some of paintball's top professionals! From the Vio and CMD line of paintball goggles to the proven, tournament winning Spire and CTRL loaders plus a wide assortment of barrel covers, tank covers, packs, pods and more, serious competition demands the best equipment and Virtue and Bunkerkings deliver!

If you need it to play the game of paintball, Valken has it! Valken manufactures a wide array of paintball gear from the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun and its Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot rigs to the Valken M17 mag-fed paintball gun, Valken Gotcha paintball gear for kids and of course Valken paintballs like Valken Graffiti paintballs, Valken Redemption Pro and Valken New World paintballs. Valken clothing like Valken Attack joggers look good and keep players on the field winning games along with a complete line of Valken packs, Valken pads and Valken gloves! Valken paintball gear is all here at amazing prices!

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