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Which paintball gun is right for you? What about paintball goggles or paintball pants? Read our paintball product reviews and make the right decision on the best paintball gear for you!

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Looking for that next piece of paintball gear? From paintball guns and paintball loaders to paintball goggles and paintball apparel, learn about the various options offered by Valken and make the best decision for your paintball equipment needs!

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New to the world of paintball? Learn everything from the basics of how to load a paintball gun to concepts of how to play paintball and the various styles of paintball offered by paintball fields like speedball and woodsball and get an edge on your competition here!


See reports from major paintball events and lists of upcoming paintball events, from paintball tournaments to paintball scenario games, here and figure out where you're going to play paintball next!

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All the latest news from the world of paintball! Get all the paintball news and paintball information here and keep an eye on the paintball world!


Learn about the history of paintball and educate yourself on concepts of what paintball is, where paintball came from and the different styles and types of paintball you'll find at the local paintball field!

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