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Push Paintball

In the summer of 2000 a small company called Division One released a full-length paintball documentary film called “Push.” The film, shot, directed and produced by Patrick Spohrer and Bryon Benini, followed and featured the Ironmen, Avalanche, Team Image, Aftershock and other pro teams playing the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) circuit. Pro players like Shane Pestana, Mark Knop, Chris LaSoya, Danny Love, Ed Poorman, Will “Wilrocs” Arroyo, Dan Bonebrake, Mike Bruno, Renick Miller and Rocky Cagnoni were prominently featured in the film—which was critically acclaimed and ground-breaking for the game of paintball.

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Fast forward 17 years to 2018 and Push is back—not as a media company but as one that made its name (again), this time with the release of their Push Unite Goggle System. Since the beginning, Push has partnered up with some of the best in the sport to develop and innovate a whole new era of products by players for the players from icons like Mark Knop, Chris LaSoya, Mikko Huttunen, Ted Kunewa and Robert Anderson. In addition to the decades of history on teams such as Ironmen, Aftershock, Avalanche, Russian Legion and Image, many were industry icons that helped shape our sport today. Push Paintball is back!

Under the leadership of long-time pro player and paintball product designer Bryon Benini, Push Paintball is in the best of hands—and with a team of proven, experienced top-level players and industry trail-blazers, the company has already begun to grab its share of the market. The Push Unite Goggle System was the culmination of decades of experience in the game at the highest levels. The result is a new goggle system that refuses to be beat in fit, function and style.

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Goggle Systems

The Unite goggle features total face fit customization with an adjustable nose bridge, soft earpieces, and dual-injection molding. An unprecedented 16 ventilation zones maximize airflow to keep you cool, comfortable, and improve communication. The optically correct spherical lens is larger, stronger and lighter than ever with a quick-change system that is both easy and effective. In addition to the plethora of Unite Goggle System colors and styles, Push offers a variety of lenses, backpack and bags, headbands, t-shirts, hoodies and hats—most in not only men’s sizes and styles but for women and kids as well.

Push Paintball

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