Valken, Inc., a US corporation, and its branch office, Valken Incorporated located in Canada, and its subsidiary, VE Outdoor LTD located in the Netherlands with a branch located in the UK trade collectively under the name “Valken”. Valken trademarks its name, logo, and product names. Authors and any other third parties who refer to a Valken product must use the registered mark or trademark symbol with the first usage.

Please review the Valken Trademark Usage Guidelines. These guidelines explain how to correctly reference our company and products, they also explain the proper use of our valuable trademarks and service marks, individually “Valken Trademark” and collectively as “Valken Trademarks”. Given the nature of our business, intellectual property is an important asset, and these Trademark Usage Guidelines should be followed at all times. .

The Valken Trademark List identifies Valken registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. For guidance on how to properly use Valken Trademarks, see the Valken Trademark Usage Guidelines.


Third parties may use Valken Trademarks (word marks only, not logos) solely to reference Valken name and its products, technologies, and services. Referential use is prohibited if such use would defame or disparage Valken, its products or services, or any other person or entity.

These Trademark Terms and Conditions were last revised on January 8, 2017.

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