HK Army CTX Paintball Arm Pads



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Paintball arm padding is an essential part of the modern game, with all its sliding, diving, crawling and snap-shooting! Whether on turf, rough terrain or grass, sliding and crawling requires arm and elbow protection, while padding can also provide the occasional bounce if an elbow is left out a moment too long! Protect yourself and play hard with HK Army CTX paintball elbow pads, designed to provide comfortable range of motion with dual-layer high-impact padding, four-way stretch sleeves and neoprene arm support!

  • Attractive, comfortable, full-featured, paintball arm pads
  • Protects the forearms and elbows while sliding, diving and crawling
  • Encourages occasional bounces from the forearms
  • Countoured, dual-layer, high-impact padding
  • 4-way stretch materials for comfort and motion
  • Built-in gloves for added hand protection
  • Neoprene arm support
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