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Dye made their legendary name making barrels that shoot straight, and teams that used them immediately won championships with those Dye barrels on their paintball guns. Dye continues that tradition today with amazing Dye paintball gun barrels like the Dye CF-S Boomstick, and the CF-S Boomstick barrel back is where it all begins. A 7 inch control bore honed to perfection ensures accuracy and efficiency, while the carbon fiber structural wrap ensures the barrel is both rugged and lightweight. Shoot your paintballs with world class Dye accuracy with the Dye Carbon Fiber-S Boomstick barrel back!

  • Ultra lightweight yet rugged paintball barrel back
  • Available in .680, .684 and .688 to fit any paintballs
  • Combine with a Dye barrel tip to create the ultimate paintball gun barrel!
  • 7 Inch Control Bore
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Lock Band Retention System
  • Multiple Bore Sizes Available
  • Precision Multi-stage Honing
  • Self-centering 2-piece Design
  • Compatible with all DYE Barrel Tips
  • Autococker Quick Threads
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