First Strike T15 2 Piece Paintball Gun Barrel w/.684 Insert



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Mag-fed operators need every shot to count. Squeeze every last ounce of accuracy out of the T15 with a multi-piece T15 paintball gun barrel! The First Strike T15 2 piece barrel uses the time-tested and proven Freak Barrel insert to properly match the inner bore of the barrel to the paintballs being used, delivering the best accuracy and consistency possible! This paintball gun barrel is constructed from rugged aluminum, features a Hush Shot front with plenty of porting to greatly reduce the sound of the firing paintball gun, a threaded tip, and is sold with a .684 Freak insert.

  • Quiet, accurate and customizable T15 paintball gun barrel!
  • Uses proven FREAK inserts to size barrel bore to any paintball
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Ported barrel front for quiet shooting
  • Threaded muzzle
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