GoG Freak XL Spiral Ported (All American) Paintball Barrel Front


The legendary Freak Barrel delivers incredible accuracy and smooth, quiet firing to players from the recreational trenches to champions of the professional paintball ranks! The original All American barrel tip brings that quiet, spiral-ported accuracy to the Freak XL Barrel System in multiple lengths! Available to create a 14 or 16 inch complete paintball gun barrel to suit any playing style or preference, the GOG Freak XL All American spiral ported barrel front features the original spiral porting for quiet accuracy and creates one of the very best, most versatile, quiet and accurate paintball barrels in the history of paintball!
  • The All American Ported Freak XL Barrel Tip!
  • Lightweight yet durable Aluminum
  • Spiral Porting to reduce sound & improve accuracy
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