GoG Freak XL Aluminum Boremaster Paintball Barrel Kit


The original Freak paintball gun barrel rose to greatness thanks to its ability to adapt to any size paintballs and shoot them efficiently and accurately with interchangeable bore sizer inserts! The new GOG Freak XL barrel system takes that versatility to the next level for the ultimate combination of accuracy, efficiency and versatility, and the Freak XL Boremaster Kit delivers everything a player needs to shoot any paintball with laser-like accuracy! Delivered in a rigid case, the GOG Aluminum Freak XL Boremaster paintball barrel kit includes 8 Freak XL inserts in various bore sizes to fit any brand of paintballs perfectly, in any weather or climate conditions for extreme accuracy and efficiency. Compatible with any Freak XL barrel.
  • The ultimate paintball barrel insert set for accuracy and efficiency
  • Delivered in a rigid case
  • 8x Freak XL aluminum barrel inserts
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