HK Army XV One-Piece Paintball Gun Barrel - Autococker Thread



Paintball is a lot more fun when you can hit what you aim at! Accuracy and tight, predictable shot groups at all ranges are critical to successful paintball, but it accuracy on the paintball field doesn't have to be expensive thanks to HK Army! The HK Army XV one-piece paintball gun barrel is a light, attractive, quiet and accurate paintball gun barrel certain to instantly improve overall performance on practically any paintball gun! Cut from strong yet light aluminum and precision honed to a polished internal finish to reduce friction on each fired paintball, with plenty of porting to reduce turbulence and noise, the HK Army XV paintball gun barrel shoots straight, looks good, and does it all at a price any serious paintball player can afford!

  • An outstanding paintball gun barrel upgrade at a great price!
  • Aluminum, one-piece construction
  • Plenty of inline porting to reduce turbulence and noise
  • Precision-honed internal bore
  • Autococker Theaded to fit many popular paintball guns like the EMek, GTek170R, Axe and any other Autococker-threaded paintball gun
  • .685 bore size to shoot most modern paintballs
  • 15-inch length for optimum performance and accuracy at all ranges
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Bore Size .685in
  • Length: 15in
  • Thread: Autococker
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